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All right kiddies, here is the Official TEARJERKERS EAST COAST NATIONALS website:

WHEN: August 4-8, 2010
WHERE: Fort Chiswell RV Park
Max Meadows, VA

We have added an extra day to this rally and have a few more activities planned for everyone to enjoy. Let's have a GREAT turnout and see everyone in August!! This Rally is open to anyone who enjoys camping and the friendship of others. You don't have to have a teardrop camper to join us. There will be Teardrops, Shastas, Scottys and other vintage trailers, as well as, a few cool tow vehicles.

Read the registration form completely.

Complete the registration form.

A little bit different than last time. We have added an extra day. If you are going to be camping Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights or any of these nights, send your registration and ALL your monies to Ross Wade and do NOT call the campground. Ross and Carla are going to handle all registration fees, t-shirt sizes AND Campground Registration and campground FEES, as outlined on the registration form.

IF you are arriving any other day that is NOT on the registration form you MUST CALL the campground and set up those days only. IF you register and pay the campground direct for the Thursday – Saturday nights you will NOT be in the Tearjerker’s reserved block of sites.

If you are arriving early, ie Monday or Tuesday you must call the campground and resister and pay for those days only and make sure you write it on the registration form and we will guarantee you are in the same site from arrival to departure. If you do not write on your registration form that you are arriving early you may have to move.

We are trying to make it easier for you, us and the campground. We have blocked out the same section as before.

Ross and the ECN Management
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