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New Post 11/28/2009 7:11 PM
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Gas Vs. Diesel 
What are the benefits and drawbacks of Diesel Vs. Gas motorhomes?
New Post 11/29/2009 6:25 AM
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Re: Gas Vs. Diesel 
 melissa wrote
What are the benefits and drawbacks of Diesel Vs. Gas motorhomes?

Depending on what your driving, mileage and longevity.
New Post 11/29/2009 7:13 PM
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Re: Gas Vs. Diesel 
Below is some information that I found which may be helpful to you:

Diesel can have more torque and HP but that does not always translate to better performance and higher MPG. There are some configurations of Gasoline powered Motorhomes that will out perform some Diesel coaches due to weight to power ratio, gearing, rear axle ratio. There are some diesel powered configuration where power is not an issue with any grade or load.

In terms of reliability Diesel engines are constructed to have a longer life span but for most folks and I mean most, the reliability and longevity is sort of a non issue due to the amount of mileage and the length of ownership. Diesel's will be somewhat more costly to maintain.

The longer and heavier a coach is the more need there is for power. There is also the issue of carrying capability. So you will want to focus in on what size motorhome then look at the weight carrying abilities of your choices.

The modern Gasoline power trains and chassis have evolved tremendously in the past several years and the expectation that they will continue. If there is a Gasoline powered motorhome that meets your fancy it is worth a long hard look.

There are some benefits to going diesel powered other than fuel mileage ( which is not usually anything to write home about) A DP pusher will generally be quieter in the cockpit area when underway and will have the benefit of air suspension and Brakes.

Another minor benefit of a DP is that in many cases A DP will have a much longer range between fuel stops due to the size of the fuel tanks.

If you are looking at a length of the 35 or less then I would be looking at A Gasoline and over that you are in sort of a mixed bag up to about 38 feet then you really want to be leaning in the direction of a Diesel simply because of the torque to handle the weight.

You will need to sort out what you are looking for in terms of length and CCC plus the price range you are wanting to be at. A diesel will be a significant increase in price. Drive both and then figure out if the added cost is worth it to you.
New Post 9/6/2011 1:16 PM
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Re: Gas Vs. Diesel 
Right on, David! You got everything covered there.
New Post 1/3/2012 7:47 PM
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Re: Gas Vs. Diesel 
When it comes to power and torque, DPs got the upper hand. Also, the fuel system of DPs are the systems that are used for biofuel and those more environmentally-friendly fuels that they are now encouraging us to use.

The problem here is the expense that comes with owning a diesel MH. Diesel fuel is higher than gasoline. Also, the fuel system of DP motorhomes are fussy and very expensive. Filters can cost a lot and need to be changed more often than gasoline powered ones. Same thing goes for the injector pumps, spark plugs, wires, distributor…the list goes on and on.
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