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New Post 10/5/2010 10:53 PM
  Timothy Fitzgerald
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Winterizing an RV 
Some ideas for winterizing an RV:

- Remove any in line water filters.
- Drain the fresh water tank.
- Drain the hot water heater. It is important that the water heater has been turned off. The water should have had time to cool. Remove the drain plug and open the pressure relief valve.
- Drain and flush the gray and black holding tanks. If the RV has tank flushing use the system. Use a wand to make sure the tanks are clean and free of debris. Leave the valves open
- Use the WD-40 to lubricate the termination valves.
- Attach the compressed air adaptor into the fresh water in let. Apply compressed air. Make certain to keep it less that 20 lbs per square inch. Have your partner go through and open each faucet one at a time. Allow the compressed air to removed the water. Don’t forget the shower and the toilet.
-Use the compressed air to blow out the water heater. Reinstall the drain plug. Close the water heater bypass valve.
-Remove and put away the compressed air adapter.
-Close all the valves.
-Install the water pump converter kit. Connect the clear tubing that comes with the converter kit to the inlet side of the pump. Put the other end in the antifreeze.
-When the water pump is turned on it will pressurize the system. Begin with the closest faucet, slowly open the hot and cold valves and run until the antifreeze comes through. Close the valves. Replace the antifreeze as needed.
-Repeat this process on all faucets from closest to farthest away. Do not forget the shower.
-Flush the toilet until antifreeze is visible.
New Post 10/5/2011 5:40 AM
  el fuller
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Re: Winterizing an RV 
Freezing is a common problem for RVs stored during the winter time. You need to put RV non toxic Antifreeze in the system. You can buy this in WalMart. Drain down the fresh water tank. Check and find out if the trailer has a water filter installed. The filter is usually installed close to the water inlet from the fresh water tank. Once you got some anti freeze in the system turn off the pump and open all of the facets so any water can expand if it freezes. Make sure anti-freeze comes through the toilet as well.
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