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New Post 6/15/2011 3:23 PM
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Locked Out 
Modified By lizzpreto  on 6/15/2011 3:25:43 PM)
We took the MH out for the second time on a shakedown camping trip with friends who have a van conversion rig. All went well, but on day two, I went to get more coffee and the door was locked. Locked tight. Surprise!

The woman who runs the campground and lent us a ladder looked at us dubiously and said, "You don't keep a spare key?" Nope. We felt kinda stupid.

Fortunately we were able to climb into the co-pilot window which was open a crack, but it could have been a disaster! We never thought to bring a spare key or keep a key on our person when outside. We keep the big ol' keyring in a basket on the dash with the odds 'n ends.

We THINK the red lock button got pushed down by a knuckle, maybe halfway when grabbing the door handle, or maybe it didn't get pulled up all the way when I unlocked in the morning, and fell down the rest of the way when we slammed the door shut.

We will get a key made and hide it in one of those magnetic things. If someone should find it and have designs on breaking in, we have a second lock on the door, a deadbolt, and we also have a kill-switch doodad that needs to be employed before the ignition will start. Maybe when we're parked someplace for a long while (that will be our M-O this summer) we'll put a little Duck Tape on the slot where the red button slides down.

Happy camping,
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Re: Locked Out 
Good news!! I had a 5th. wheel - before the one we have now - which had a laundry 'trap' door built into the floor. When we got locked out - we paid a "skinny" kid to enter via an open storage compartment door and crawl inside to unlock our rig.

Lessons learnt.

Spare keys are a must.
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Re: Locked Out 
We use a real estate lock box in a concealed, but accessable location under the MH. We also keep a complete set of spare keys in the safe inside the MH.
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Re: Locked Out 
If you always tow a vehicle keep a spare in the glove box.
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