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New Post 7/11/2011 2:47 PM
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Montana LLC 
We will be purchasing a new motorhome in early 2012 in preparation for full-timing. We want to pursue creating an LLC in Montana before our purchase. Can I get some recommendations for a company or law practice in Montana to help us with this?
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Re: Montana LLC 
Bennett Law firm in Missoula.
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Re: Montana LLC 
buy a new one from an individual to avoid paying taxes. Plenty of practically new ones out there that the economy has forced folks to sell. Buying at retail from a dealer and then trying to skirt the taxes could get u in trouble
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Re: Montana LLC 
In our state, it doesn't matter where you purchase from, you'll pay state sales tax when you register the vehicle in Mass., period. The only way to avoid that is to register in a different state, and meet all state requirements in Mass, namely make sure the vehicle is NOT within the state borders for more than 29 consecutive days.

And Kathleen, where would you like them to pay taxes TO? and why? They'll pay taxes everytime they buy fuel, everytime they buy a candy bar...

Do you have an accountant do your taxes? you use Turbo Tax or some other software? Why? Why don't you just do the standard 1040 and be done? Most do that to minimize their tax exposure and take deductions that are legal for them to take. There's no difference.

Max Santiago
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