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Tiffin Prices (positive)  
I was recently at the Rally in Redmond. I was amazed at the prices on Tiffin products (with the notable exception of the Zephyr).

All of their models were 30,000 to 100,000 less than comparable models of their competitors. How is that possible ? I know that Tiffin has a great reputation.

Do they not have as much markup on their products as competitors ?
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Re: Tiffin Prices (positive)  
This isn't the usual reaction, but I've noticed many of the manufacturers have been upgrading their entry and mid-level DP offerings - and they seem very "Tiffin-like". I've also noticed these improved models (one is the Astoria) seem like dead ringers for Tiffin Phaetons - but the prices have increased greatly. If they're trying to compete, it's an odd way to do it. Winnebago's TOUR model is another one - lots of upgrades to allow it to take the place of the VECTRA line, but much bigger prices for what remains a mid-level unit.

Tiffin Phaeton and Allegro Bus have been the top sellers through the recent downturn, and Tiffin couldn't make them fast enough - until recently. Tiffins CAN be bought cheaply - the dealers who discount are no secret - but you need to do your homework!

Tiffin's makes much of their units either "in house", in factories owned or connected to the family, or through local companies - but it's not a cheap or fast operation. I'm certain TIffins don't have significantly lower costs of production. Since the company is privately owned, we won't know. The downturn showed how easily a company can lose money, and these "new" companies with old,familiar names aren't rolling in profit. As always, the RV manufacturers seem to have a ignificant disconnect between their design, manufacturing, and dealership functions. NO ONE is making money on RV's, but they're all acting like it's BOOM TOWN.... again! Watch and see.....

DISCLOSURE - I have a Tiffin. They aren't "all that". The reputation is built on how they treat you after the sale - that reputation has been built on decades of errors and quality problems. NO ONE is bragging about how perfect their Tiffin was from Day One! People ARE very vocal about getting problems resolved well - and Tiffin owners are uniquely satisfied in that regard.
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