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Work Camper Needed 
Modified By rvpark  on 3/6/2010 4:07:02 PM)
Beautiful, small RV Park located in the Northern Adirondact Mts in Up-State New York.

Responsibilities can and may include any of the following;
Plumping, park maintenance, pool maintenance, ground maintenance, cleaning, escort RVers to sites and take phone reservations while manager is out running errands.

Please answer the following questions when corresponding; Are you looking for a part time position? Are you healthy enough to work? How many months are you available to work and when can you start?

No more then 20 hours of work during the week in exchange for a water and sewer site. Pay your own metered electric. You may purchase propane at cost. Camper provided if need be. You will have full use of all campground facilities.

This is NOT a $ paying position.
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