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Great winter campgrounds and RV parks

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Have you ever considered winter camping?. While to most people, it may be unthinkable to go out in the cold season, there are campers who look forward to camping amidst thick blankets of snow. One popular reason that campers give on why they like winter camping is the dramatic change in scenery. The whiteness of the surroundings, the peace and calm. If you have never considered winter camping, here are some of the best things about it:

  • Winter freezes bodies of water like lakes and ponds so that you get the chance to walk on them.
  • There aren't too many people camping during the winter, so there is hardly any competition for camping space.
  • You can sculpt an igloo out of snow. Or on a smaller scale, sculpt chairs, tables and heart-shaped love seats.
  • No bugs, no bears.
  • Clearer skies mean better stargazing opportunities.
  • You develop new camping and survival skills, such as battling the cold.

If the idea of winter camping intrigues you, familiarize yourself with tips on how to plan a winter camping trip so you can be on your way this coming winter. To help you arrange your trip, has compiled our a list of great winter campgrounds and RV parks:

Lit tent perched on snow
The beauty and serenity of winter camping

1.  Prairie Creek Redwood State Park (California)

Prairie Creek Redwood State Park in California is a 14,000-acre state park that has been declared a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve. Highlights of winter camping in Prairie Creek Redwood include the massive collection of Redwood trees (some towering at over 300 feet, making them the tallest living creatures on Earth) and sightings of the native Roosevelt elk. Temperatures during winter hardly go below 0, but it's still wise to prepare for the cold. During the winter the beauty of nature is sharpened as the rain washes off the dust from the greenery. You hear the crisp sound of the water rushing in the creeks. And the calmness and serenity of the park are astounding.

2.  Gooseberry Falls State Park (Minnesota)

Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota has excellent ski trails, making it a perfect getaway during the winter. The variety of ski trails available allows skiers to choose a trail that suits their skiing skills, whether they're beginners or advanced skiers. The trail along the river is popular with winter visitors as it offers a spectacular view of Lake Superior. Campers can drop by the visitor center and warm themselves by the fire while learning amusing trivia about Gooseberry Falls State Park.

3.  Oakwood Lakes State Park (South Dakota)

Oakwood Lakes State Park in South Dakota is a popular winter camping destination because of the series of events it holds during the winter season. Families troop to the park for annual festivities like Frozen Foot Rendezvous, Ground Hog Day Ski Race, Barneloppet Children's Ski Run and Kool Kids Ice Fishing Derby. Ice fishing is one of the main activities in Oakwood Lakes, with eight glacial lakes providing fishing opportunities. Skiing and snowshoeing are also a favorite among the young and old, with 2.6 miles of well-maintained cross-country tracks.

4.  Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (Michigan)

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan receives up to 20 feet of powder snow during winter. Despite the height of its snow deposit, the temperature in Porcupine Mountains is usually 10 to 20 degrees warmer than in most snow-crest places. The 60,000-acre state park has the largest collection of hardwood-hemlock trees such as basswood, birch and maple. Sightings of deer and other wildlife are a regular occurrence among campers. You can enjoy a handful of winter sports like cross country skiing, downhill, snowshoeing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

5.  Allegany State Park (New York)

Allegany State Park in New York holds many winter events. There is the Ski-A-Thon, a cross-country skiing tournament in January and the Winter Funfest held on the first weekend of February. It is the biggest and most-visited snowmobiling festivity in New York, and is great family event. Measuring 65,000 acres, Allegany State Park is the biggest state park in New York. It has 90 miles of groomed snowmobiling trails, attracting hundreds of visitors during winter. Aside from skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and ice fishing, deer hunting is a popular activity in Allegany State Park.

Do not let the snow and the cold discourage you from camping. Each season of the year has its own characteristic beauty. Once you experience the joys of winter camping, you just might realize that camping is a year-round fun family activity. Happy winter camping!

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