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Indoor camping ideas for kids

It's winter time, the trees have shed the last of their leaves, the snow is falling relentlessly, and the kids are driving you insane cooped up indoors. Unless they live for winter, adverse weather conditions make it almost impossible to head outdoors for some physical activity, much less camping or RVing. How does one keep the spirit of camping and RVing alive in young hearts when they are restricted to the confines of the house? We have come up with a few fun ideas to keep your kids occupied, camp-style within the Great Indoors!

If you can't take your kids camping, bring camping to them. Camp in one night. Invite a few of your kids' friends and turn it into a camping party. Help them pitch a tent indoors. Turn off all the lights and arm the children with flashlights. A game of hide and seek is more fun in the dark. They can play a game of charades using camping terms. Toast s'mores in the fireplace or over tea lights. Sit around the fireplace singing camping songs and recounting ghost stories. Put up a telescope, giving them a chance to stargaze.

Refresh memories of camping and RVing trips past. Bring out photo albums of previous camping and RVing trips, and rifle through them together. Reliving pleasant, adventurous and funny experiences with your kids will help keep their enthusiasm for the outdoors and road trips up and make them look forward to the next camping or RVing trip.

When the snow is falling and it's too cold to step outside, weave dreams of the warm spring weather and all the fun that can be had in nature. Start planning the next spring break getaway. Involve your kids in every step of the process. Show them the brochures of various campgrounds and RV parks with the attendant activities and facilities available. When you have settled on the spot and activities chosen by the kids, get them to start drawing up checklists of the essential items to carry along for the trip. Let them experiment with simple camp recipes of their choice at home (with a little help and supervision from you). Once you get the kids involved in key decisions and activities related to a trip, they know that their opinion counts and are geared up for it.

With these ideas, you can give your kids the travel bug even in chilly weather.

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