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Camp Finder app puts 14,000 campgrounds and RV parks in your pocket

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Man with our Camp Finder app and an RV hanging out of his shirt
Is that an RV in your pocket? has made planning a camping or RV trip easier with the release of the Camp Finder for iPhone and Camp Finder for Android apps. With the Summer season in full swing, many campers and RVers are excited to get outdoors. Getting the most from precious vacation time means finding hassle free ways to plan a trip, as well as being able to change plans on the move. Camp Finder app gives campers and RVers a simple way to search for campgrounds and RV parks, and discover the perfect place to stay.

Described in The New York Times as "the best of the paid camping apps I tried" by Personal Tech App Smart's Bob Tedeschi, and in Wall Street Journal's, as one of the "...five apps to enhance your summer...", Camp Finder is a hassle free way for campers and RVers to find the perfect place to stay. With the 'hot off the press' release of Camp Finder for Android app, has made planning a camping or RV trip easier by putting 14,000 campgrounds and RV parks in your pocket.

In addition to the accolades, rounds of applause and cheers for's great new iPhone and Android app, let's have a quick look at what our fun loving community of campers and RVers are saying...

"Do I look fat?" asks Jeanette from Florida, "these jeans use to fit me until I got the Camp Finder app. 14,000 campgrounds and rv parks in my pocket adds a bit of weight round the hips".

Brent from Minnesota wrote, "after a full day at lectures, debate training and chess club I like to calm my mind by memorizing all the campgrounds and RV parks by state in alphabetical order. Sometimes I really challenge myself to recall the exact number of RV and tent sites at each place. I'm half way through Georgia".

Sal from New York shared, "My girlfriend keeps asking me if that's a tent in my pocket or am I just happy to see her?".

"My husband use to think I had a lot of stuff in my hand bag, little did he know that I have 14,000 campgrounds and RV parks, including National Parks, State Parks, National Forest and Military parks too" laughs Ann from California.

Proud owner Timothy from New Jersey claims "No one believes me when I say I've got quantity and quality in my pocket *wink*... I pull out my Camp Finder app and show'em".

"I like having campgrounds and RV parks in my pocket. The only problem is the dump stations. Hopefully they won't stain my dress" says Leila from Arizona.

Kevin and his Maine camping buddies laugh, "With 14,000 campgrounds and RV parks there's a whole lot of locations for a game of campground battleship. 63 campgrounds 50 miles off Flagstaff Arizona - you sunk my campground!".

"I don't mind the tents, motor homes or trailers so much, but the wood cabins are a little scratchy" sighs Freddie from Michigan as he grabs his device from his pocket.

"Having all these campgrounds and RV parks in my back pocket really helps with finding hook ups..." brags Alex from Texas "... and WiFi, laundry and hot showers too".

"My app tells me where to go! Turn by turn directions to my campground destination, without all the nagging. It's making my wife a little nervous" says Julian from Utah.

"For $1.99 it's a perfect present for my cheap husband. He can search for discount clubs to his heart's delight" wrote Tanu from South Dakota.

Finally feedback submitted by Keith from Ohio "There's only one down side of having my Camp Finder app. I no longer have kindling to start camp fires, as I've given up hauling around those big heavy paper campground directories".

Using Camp Finder, with just one iPhone touch or Android tap campers and RVers can check out rates, amenities, camping discounts, contact details and even photos and reviews posted by others.

There you have it! To read feedback from real connoisseurs of Camp Finder, tune in to Facebook, Twitter and the iTunes and Android Market stores.

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