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The DoubleBack Luxury Camper Van

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It has arrived! If you thought that Volkswagen had stopped making state of the art caravans, think again. The new Transporter DoubleBack Luxury Camper Van is an incredibly efficient, compact and fresh way to travel around. Given it's size this luxury camper is a revolutionary design; with an electrically powered sliding pod that extends out of the rear of the van that practically doubles its size. Additionally the van offers a new version of the "pop top" hood, which has been a popular sight in campgrounds for many years now.

You may be asking how this whole operation works. To make it clear, the DoubleBack (rear extension), can only be operated when the car is parked. Upon parking you should allow yourself up to 6.5 feet to the rear of the car to accommodate the DoubleBack. It takes approximately 45 seconds for it to fully extend and is accompanied by two legs that fold out onto the ground for extra support. The van also comes equipped with a fold out double bed in the pod, an elevating roof and a kitchenette, and additional home amenities required on the road.

The concept was created by a Welsh company, Overlander Motorhomes, and offers customization of all its vehicles so you can create it just the way you want it. It is still unclear what happens to the interior of the van when the DoubleBack is pulled out, but Overlander maintains that a driver and one passenger can be accommodated in the captains seat, or a driver and two passengers if the buyers chooses the bench seat option.

Now don't get your hopes up too much. Although the Transporter DoubleBack Luxury Camper Van is currently available it is priced a whopping US$86,988. This is luxury that not everyone can afford, but is surely one way of camping in pure style. To find out more go to

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