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Easy sports you can do on the road

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Group playing Ultimate Frisbee
Work up a sweat on the road

It's your number one frustration with being on the road for long periods of time; you're inactive and feel like your body is making a rapid transformation from rock to sponge. You're getting soft. Your stomach is manning the steering wheel. You want to play sports but there's just not enough room in the RV for all of your athletic gear. Or is there?

Obviously, when you set out on an RV trip you have to pick and choose what you're going to take. It's not all going to fit. You go through your list and take only your essentials. And when you realize that there's not enough room for all of that, you do away with your 'non-essential' essentials! Looks like you're not going to be wearing that Christmas sweater and matching turtleneck this year after all. And that bathrobe your husband claims he's going to wear but never does? Get it out of here!

With space restrictions it simply isn't feasible to bring along sports equipment that will be used once in a blue moon, which monopolizes precious storage space. But if you think outside of the box for a second you'll realize there are a host of sports that require little equipment. Here are four RV friendly suggestions:

  1. Ultimate Frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee is similar to football in that the objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone. While it's preferable to play on football fields, any large, flat field will work.

    Equipment required: Frisbee
  2. Horseshoes

    Horseshoes is an outdoor game between two people or two teams of two people. Participants throw the horseshoes at a target (stake) and score points by throwing the horseshoe nearest to the stake or by ringing the horseshoe around the stake, commonly known as a "ringer". Tina Hawkins of National Horseshoe Pitchers Association says "Horseshoe pitching is an activity that can be enjoyed by young and old, men and women, people from all walks of life."

    Equipment required: Horseshoe set
  3. Go for a swim!

    If you happen to be staying at a campground with a pool or in an area that's close to the ocean or a lake, dive right in and swim a few laps. Swimming is a tremendous form of exercise, working out every part of your body and is low impact.

    Equipment required: Swimsuit, swim goggles and ear plugs
  4. Take a brisk walk

    Going for a brisk walk is easy and is great for your health. Walking reduces the risk of many diseases, from heart attack and stroke to hip fracture and glaucoma. Additionally, walking will get your blood flowing and will help you control your weight.

    No matter where you spend the night going for a walk is always an option. Experts suggest walking for at least 30 minutes per day 5 days or more per week. Others suggest taking 10,000 steps a day (you can keep track of your steps using a pedometer).

    As silly as it may sound, form is important when you go for a walk. When you walk hold your head up and eyes forward and keep your shoulders back and relaxed.

    Equipment Required: Walking shoes, pedometer

Being on the road doesn't have to be an excuse for inactivity. With a bit of forethought, planning, and the right equipment you can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle no matter where your travels take you.

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