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Finding love on four wheels - Julia Yarbough's Highway to a Husband

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Julia poses on her Nissan X-Terra
Julia Yarbough - a woman on a mission.

Meet Julia Yarbough, a modern day woman on a mission - to find a husband. She is accomplished in her career as an Emmy award winning broadcast and print journalist, surrounded by great friends, embraces adventure with arms wide open and isn't afraid to stand on her own two feet. What's missing? Mr. Right.

Rather than sit in her South Florida home waiting for the man of her dreams to come along, she has firmly grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and put herself in the driver's seat (literally!). Julia packed her bags and hit the road with Silva, her best friend and wing-woman. She's taking love on the road and who knows where it will lead...perhaps down the aisle?

CampingRoadTrip.com: Your introduction on your Highway to a Husband website starts with "My name is Julia and I'm single". Other than *single*, what other words best describe you?

JULIA YARBOUGH: That is just one aspect to my life. Who I am is a traveler and storyteller. The best words to describe me are adventurous, outgoing, friendly, dedicated, honest and healthy. I use that combination of words because it best encompasses my personality. I am the kind of woman who works hard (22 years in the demanding field of TV news as an anchor/reporter) yet strives to enjoy life to the fullest. I do that by always seeking out new travels, experiences, people and adventures. I believe as Americans, our society does not place enough emphasize on "having fun and relaxation" and enjoying our lives. Too much focus is placed on work, work, work, and acquiring 'things'; rather than enjoying friends, family, down time, and all the wonders of our country's parks and natural places. So, I am a woman who wants to encourage others to enjoy their lives more!

Julia with friend Silva Harapetian
Julia with fellow journalist Silva Harapetian

Highway to a Husband sounds like a dream trip that many single women would love to do. Throwing everyday life out the window and relishing in freedom on the road. How did you and Silva scheme up this idea?

The HIGHWAY TO A HUSBAND concept developed almost by accident. I knew I was ready to take a break from work and spend some time focusing on myself and what I really wanted out of life. As I did some soul-searching, I realized I love to travel, I love to write and tell stories, and I also knew that I was feeling somewhat of a hole in my personal life. I realized I would like to concentrate more on creating the kind of personal life that might be more fulfilling - sharing the fruits of my success and life with a partner. The elements all came together and I thought of HIGHWAY TO A HUSBAND. Coincidentally, Silva had recently been laid off from her reporting job in Detroit, so when I thought of who might make a good travel partner for such an out-of-the-box trip. Silva was the first and only person who came to mind! I asked her to join me, and she said yes!! It is a dream trip, of sorts, because we are seeing the country from the ground up, meeting amazing people, and spending quality time together, growing as friends and women.

Highway to a Husband shares your dating adventures on the road and your search for Mr. Right. Is there such thing as a perfect guy? How will you know him when you meet him?

Probably not, just as there isn't a perfect woman; we all have faults. But for me, the "perfect" Mr. Right is someone who doesn't take life too seriously, who knows how to laugh and enjoy each moment. A man who values adventure and exploration. A man who has a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, fitness, and enjoyment of the outdoors as much as possible. Most importantly, a man who can make me laugh! Those are really some of the main qualities that I consider as "perfect". How will I know when I meet him? I think there is an instant "click" that happens and when both people feel that - then you just may be on to something!

Falling in love and staying in love can be two very separate things. What does love mean to you?

It means being supportive, caring, kind and loving to those around you. It means respecting yourself and others and treating everyone with kindness and respect. It means connecting with someone who values the whole of who you are - the good and the bad and the quirky. And it means, being content with yourself and your partner, and what each brings to the table.

There are many smart beautiful women out there who are single. What advice can you give them? What should they avoid if they want to find a husband?

Statistically, there are THOUSANDS of amazing women who are in the same boat as me - smart, successful, attractive, professional, well-rounded, etc. From what we've learned thus far on this road trip, the best advice we can give: do the things you enjoy doing and don't wait for someone to come along and "complete" your life. We have embarked on this journey in an effort to not only change my odds of meeting eligible singles, but also to expand our own horizons of experiences. I chose to not simply sit and wait to let life happen to me - I want to nudge the process along. Women, I think, must have incredible self-confidence to know that no matter what happens in the dating world, or how many mishaps take place, there is always a dynamic between yourself and the other person, and sometimes, no matter what we as women do, if the man in question does not want or isn't willing to give equally - then it won't happen. Period. What to avoid? It seems that we get what we ask for, so avoid places and events which are not your thing, because you will attract people who aren't your thing.

You've said that your plan is to visit all 50 states and keep going until the money runs out or you find a husband! Tell us a little more about your road trip and the adventures you have in store?

This road trip is fluid. Very unplanned and sporadic, which is exactly what we wanted. We chose to take a Southern route, heading West, based on weather conditions (we set off Feb. 11th from Florida). We have traveled through Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and now Colorado. Our goal is to see as much of the country as possible, also stopping in as many national parks as possible. From Colorado, we will head West into Utah - and weather depending, may turn and head north back up into Wyoming and Montana. I hear it's amazing, beautiful and home to lots of rugged, cowboy-types! As our readers follow, they will be able to gauge where we are located, and what comes next.

Julia snorkeling with Manatees in Florida
Julia swimming with Manatees

Your blog is filled with many adventures and chance meetings. Can you share with us a few of your favorite tales from your road trip? Any ah-huh (light bulb goes on) or blooper moments?

We've had some great laughs and adventures thus far. One of our favorite stops, was in Crystal River, Florida, where I went snorkeling with Manatees. Silva had to sit out - she was fighting a nasty cold. We joked, that had she plunged into the 72 degree water that day, our trip may have come to a screeching halt, as we would have spent the next few days in the hospital.

We then traveled into Alabama and my brother (a retired Army Blackhawk Pilot and instructor) took us into a flight simulator. We both crashed our helicopters right into the ground! Good thing we are not military!! In New Orleans, a gentlemen I struck up a conversation with (he was quite handsome) did a 180, and all of a sudden took an interest in Silva - he even asked her to return to New Orleans and marry him! I'm looking for a husband, and she got a proposal!!!

We spent a day on the Forth Worth Prairie, where the lands are native and untouched. We encountered wild horses which came right up to us - it was very exciting. And, after several weeks on the road, we FINALLY were able to camp out. We spent a night camping in Big Bend National Park in Texas and it was amazing!

The "AH HUH" moments come daily. When you are in the car with your best friend for 6-7 hours a day, you learn a lot about them and yourself. We both realize that as women, our society encourages us to be very strong, self -sufficient and independent. However, those traits and qualities that help you to succeed in the professional world are almost direct contradictions to the qualities which might help a woman in the dating/personal relationship world. We are learning more about how to let go, and relax, and allow our feminine selves to shine through.

Blooper moments... oh, almost too many to count. When we arrived into Big Bend Park to camp, we realized we had a small grill, and food, but forgot to purchase a propane tank! En route from Texas into Albuquerque, Silva took over driving, and failed to look at the gas gauge. All of a sudden she looks up in a panic and says, "Oh my God, we're almost out of gas!" We were miles from the nearest city and there was NOTHING on the horizon. We prayed, placed a call to AAA, and hoped to see a gas station in the distance. We did find one, and none too soon - we were driving on fumes! Crazy moment that we laugh about now!

Other than the waylaid proposal to Silva, how many dates and proposals so far?

Thus far, I have been on six dates, which is more than I had in the past several years living at home. I had a date with a gentlemen in Florida - you can read about it in the blog, "Man's Best friend or Canine Love,", I had three successful dates in Austin, Texas, and THOUGHT this was a true potential, until the man VANISHED on me - no calls, no emails, no texts, no explanations - hmmm... and now that I've licked my ego-wounds from that experience, I recently met a very nice man in Colorado Springs. We met on a blind date, had some vibe, and had two more dates after that. The personal jury is still out as to what will happen next with him...

Julia and Silva will be traveling the country until she finds a husband or until the money runs out. Hopefully the former. Being an adventure buff, Julia is open to anything life throws her way including offers of blind dates and camping and cabin accommodations. You can contact Julia at Julia@highwaytoahusband.com, follow her blog and see her pictures on Highway to a Husband.

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