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Solar RVing

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RV with Solar Panels on the roof near snow covered mountains
Photo Courtesy of Deborah Holder, AM Solar, Inc

As more people choose to take RV trips certain aspects of RVs, such as gas inefficiency and emissions, receive more attention. Now the RV community is asking for an earth friendly approach to taking road trips and we've got an answer: Solar Panels. They are an effective way to take advantage of alternative energy because they extend the life of your RV's battery, they are user-friendly, and there are many benefits for using them.

With solar panels energy is collected from the sun and converter into electricity. This energy is then stored in the battery of your RV. In order to use this energy for your appliances you will need an inverter that will convert the energy collected from the sun (Direct Current - DC) into the kind of energy that is used by outlets in the wall (Alternating Current - AC).

The fact that solar panels can fit on the roof of your RV makes them a really convenient accessory. There is no real need for maintenance aside from keeping them clean and if you opt to keep them flat you minimize your need for trips to the roof.

In October 2008 solar tax credits were extended until Dec 2016. This means that the addition of solar panels to your RV may qualify you for a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit. Also, the additional energy generated by the solar panels allows you to boondock for longer periods of time without the need to find a place to hook-up your RV as frequently.

Companies, such as AM Solar Inc, that specialize in solar panels for RVs and can help you understand further the benefits of solar panels and how they work.

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