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Miami Art Deco Weekend

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Art Deco car parked outside an Art Deco building in Miami

Photo courtesy of Visit Florida

The historic Miami Art Deco District contains the largest collection of art deco buildings and structures in the world. But for many people in Miami Beach, Florida, this place is more than just another location in the National Register of Historic Places in the US. Rather, for these people, the Miami Art Deco District is a portal back in time, a time when ideals of simple elegance and practical glamour were more than just empty platitudes but virtues to live by.

The integrity and preservation of the Miami Art Deco District well into the future are the goals of the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL). One way the League has been pushing for this goal is by hosting the annual Miami Art Deco Weekend, a celebration of everything art deco and a showcasing of the District's architectural beauty as well as historic and cultural significance to the world.

Miami Art Deco Weekend 2014

The 37th Miami Art Deco Weekend will be held at Ocean Drive, Miami Beach on January 17 to 19, 2014. On that weekend, you can watch parades, attend street parties, view the exhibits, sample the local cuisine prepared by the leading chefs of South Beach, and enjoy a taste of the citrus-flavored cocktails Miami Beach became famous for during the Prohibition Era. If you're an automobile enthusiast, you must not miss the Classic Car Festival, where antique cars, motorbikes and trucks from the 1920s become kings of the streets once again.

The heydays of art deco also saw jazz music flourishing in Prohibition speakeasies. If you love jazz, you really shouldn't miss the live jazz and fusion concert to be held at the 11th Street Stage and Antique Experience Garden. This year's concerts will be headlined by Suenalo, Allan Harris, Doug Wimbish, and Keith LeBlanc. It will also feature local and national acts.

If you're a film lover, you'll love the classic movies MDPL has lined up for the weekend. As this year's theme is "History's Most Playful Time", MDPL will be showing films starring Shirley Temple, The Wizard of Oz, as well as Little Rascals and Our Gang. Are you into fashion? Then you have to see this year's Bettie Page/vintage pinup girl-inspired fashion show.

And, of course, if you're going to Miami Beach for the Miami Art Deco Weekend, you should take one of the walking tours MDPL will hold. Among your walking tour options are a visit to Collins Park, an exploration of the Miami Art Deco District with organized crime as the backdrop, and a traditional crawl of the pubs. Also, check out the vintage toy exhibit MDPL will host this year.

Staying at one of the many art deco hotels in Miami Beach will definitely be fun and put you in the spirit of the Art Deco Weekend. But if you're taking your RV with you, you have plenty of campgrounds and RV parks to choose from in and around Miami Beach.

What Else Can You Do at Miami Beach in January?

Miami Beach is a city on a beach, after all. Its long coastline is dotted with numerous resorts where you can swim, do water sports, or just lay about on the sand. It may be a bit chilly, but it won't be too cold for you to enjoy the beach here in January.

If you get tired of the ocean, you can explore the many sights the city has to offer other than the Miami Art Deco District. You can drive to nearby Miami and check out the Miami Zoo or the Miami Seaquarium. You can visit the Miami Art Museum or the Holocaust Memorial. A great place to explore in Miami Beach is Little Havana, where you can have a feel and a taste of the local Hispanic culture. And if you have the time for it, you should try to visit Everglades National Park or Biscayne National Park.

The Miami Art Deco District is a place worth preserving for future generations to enjoy. Help the District stay alive and celebrate the richness of art deco by attending the Miami Art Deco Weekend.

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