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Sudden death at a campsite, oh my now what? 
This POST is only for you to have a conversation with your SPOUCE. In the event while on a fun relaxing camping adventure one of you comes to life’s STOP SIGN. Now I'm not expert on this subject we never seem to talk about in any forms. But as adults, we all know it happens, to a neighbor, friend, or loved one. Don't need your STORIES, unless it can be helpful in knowing what one can or information helpful and should be known while away from HOME.

Here is the issue my wife and I are always traveling and out one the road or in a campsite, campground or even boondocking. For years we owned the large CLASS A, motorhomes and where this conversation first started. As my wife stated "if something where to happen to you, while away from home, I don't know what I would do?" What a horrible thought and place or situation to leave my wife in after 45-Plus years of marriage.

Some folks are very self-sufficient. By why wait until you’re not around for them to know what to do? On an outdoor hike with my daughter who lives in Utah and we in Florida, we talked about what we would do if something happened to her mother? Took a while, but I would move to Utah to be closer for her mental wellbeing and my peace of mind knowing she would not worry so much if I were closer to her. Would you move closer to someone who can take care of you if you needed someone or not?

My wife, has an issue handling a 40-foot motorhome with a flat tow vehicle. That is un-hooking septic, electrical cords and attaching the tow bar and flat tow vehicle. WOW a lot to ask of anyone, let alone driving it 2000-plus miles back home alone? what do you think?

So after many years of owning a class A, we now own a smaller Class B, Parking in hotel parking lots is easy and you don't always have to drive highways with everyone passing you towing a trailer at 90-MPH. Easier to get into a normal parking space at 24'-3" if you back in and let the reared hang over the grease area.

Now for myself, I have had campsite emergency requiring a trip to the Hospital. First time in my 60s, I would become dizzy, run to the bathroom getting sick, break into a cold sweet and seemingly drift off to sleep. Then after I was totally fine, the wife was worried thinking this was it for the old man. Once back home I went into the doctor with a pain on my right just under the ribs. After a number of test my Gull Bladder had to be removed. I was okay for the next few years.
Once sadly while camping in our HOA Campground we saw fire truck and ambulance rush into our Private RV Park, up in the Hills. Thinking a neighbor was injured many of us rushed over and learned the sad news that one of our campers had expired. Now his young wife was saddled with everything. A few days after us guys hook-up the flat-tow vehicle and drove the RV out of the park to a Lowes parking lot. She took over the wheel and one of the closer Nabors and wife who knew them well escorted her and the RV, back to their home state. Would you have done that? Take on that reasonability?
So the question is simple the answers not so much, but what would you do and have you had the conversations with your spouse yet?

DogMan - The posted thought above are my own.
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