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New Post 6/27/2021 10:57 AM
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Doing Something About Camp Litter 
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If you have spent time camping on our public lands you're probably aware of the growing litter problem. Not only does it degrade the natural beauty of our camp spots, in the worst cases some have been closed, with the potential for more to go that route. PAL - People Against Litter is a growing group of volunteers who are working to reverse this trend.

The group is just getting started, so the main objective right now is getting the word out and growing our membership. Currently, members are invited to document their litter-pick-up good deeds with photos and post them to our site. Please visit and consider adding your name to our community. Our next goal is to begin talking to communities near boondocking camp areas, as well as area sanitation companies and BLM offices - but first we need a large enough membership to be able to complete projects that require group participation and coordination. Even if you never document picking up a single beer can, just adding your name will show your support and help to increase the group's visibility and credibility - hope to see you there!
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Re: Doing Something About Camp Litter 
Good post as it has become a very large and growing problem. This is why many Park cost have risen. having myself volunteered for trail path clearing is hard work but a must as well as just a normal walk-through and picking up other folk’s litter. I think if spotted doing it in any park would keep them out of Parks for 6-months plus a large fine say 2000-us dollars and 4000-thousand the second offence. If there is a third offence NO access to any state, National or county park.
DogMan - The posted thought above are my own.
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