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Tipi camping 
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My wife and I built an 18' Sioux tipi and enjoy packing it up and going camping. We set the tipi as a base camp and travel the area on a couple motorcycles. I lived in a tipi
for a couple of years, about 25 years ago. I hadn't met my wife yet, but after some stories she wanted to give it a try. We broke out my old book and sewed it up, went
to east Texas and cut the poles. Our First camping was in Nebraska for family wedding. Next it was off to Florida, another family wedding, wife's got a big family. In November
65th wedding anniversary in Illinois. Nebraska was wet and cold, Florida was cold first night, then beautiful. Illinois was cold and windy. The tipi showed it's true worth.
Wind gusting to 35 miles per and 17 degrees. Safe and comfortable inside we fixed our meals and stayed nice and toasty. It's breath taking to look up through the smoke flaps
and see a star filled sky. The smoke flaps, when blowing in the wind, sounds like the sails on an old sailing ship. And when you lie down the view of the poles in the light of a
flickering fire, mystifying. The view outside in the evening is fantastic. An hour glass shape of canvas and poles with smoke rising from the smoke hole. Why am I writing this
when I could be camping
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