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New Post 8/26/2019 6:14 PM
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Truck tent 
Hello all!

New to the site here and hope I can get some insight.

So I just bought a tent for my truck that goes into the bed of it and I'm not exactly sure where I can go to use it.

I've been camping all my life and have gone to a few different camp grounds in and around the tri-state area. And from what I can recall, none of those campgrounds would be able to accommodate my need. Every time I've been camping, I'd have to park and walk/hike to get to the tent site.

Has anyone who used one of those truck tents can suggest where I'd be able to go? Or anyone know of any places they've come across that I can look into?

I live in SE PA so I'm looking for suggestions in PA, DE, NJ, VA, MD, NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

New Post 10/27/2021 1:37 AM
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Re: Truck tent 
This is my problem recently but I posted on the social media about this and I am glad there are people who responded immediately.
New Post 11/22/2021 5:45 AM
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Re: Truck tent 
Even us, we didn't know where to go. I'm here to get some ideas but no answer. Hopefully, someone can give some ideas of places where to go.:(
New Post 11/23/2021 6:02 AM
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Re: Truck tent 
You should try Facebook recommendations. It will help you a lot.
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