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Best campground mini golf courses

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There is nothing like a game of mini golf to make a camping road trip a whole lot more fun for the family. It is an activity that the whole gang will enjoy and to help we have rounded up some of the best campground mini golf courses for you (in order of state):

1.  Palace Campground (Galena, Illinois)

The Li'l General Mini Golf at Palace Campground is an award winning mini golf course that is filled with wonderful attractions such as waterfalls, rapids, streams and a fountain. Beat your family and friends at an enjoyable game of 18-hole Championship Mini Golf. After a good round of mini golf, stop for refreshments at the game arcade. Li'l General is open from 10am-10pm everyday from April to November.

2.  High Plains Camping (Oakley, Kansas)

A family enjoying mini golf at Amigo's Mini Putt Golf
Amigo's Mini Putt Golf, Texas

High Plains Camping has an 18-hole miniature golf course that features various obstacles such as the Bumpy Hole, Ant Hill Hole and Uphill Tunnel Hole. The golf course went through a major facelift during its Spring renovations so players will appreciate the fresh and updated look. Campers and non-campers, from ages 4 to 104, are welcome to play pat High Plains Camping. Open every day from 8 am until sunset.

3.  Campers Haven RV Resort (Dennis Port, Massachusetts)

The 9-hole mini golf course at Campers Haven RV Resort is perfect for young children. Featuring an assortment of amusing obstacles like a large seagull, a seahorse, a windmill, a small bridge and a mini pond with koi fish, kids will excitedly anticipate what obstacle awaits them next. What makes the course even more kid-friendly is the Kid's Night held each Wednesday where all kids play for only $1. Regular rates are $1 for kids 2 to 5 years old and $2 for ages 6 and up.

4.  Silver Creek Campground (Mill Spring, North Carolina)

If you think mini golf is purely child's play, you have to try the mini golf course at Silver Creek Campground. It has an 18-hole pro-putter mini golf course that requires skill in order to conquer the obstacles and to hit par. Children and adults alike have an awesome time challenging their skills and beating each other. Aside from the well-manicured course, there is also a waterfall that captures the fancy of the players. Campers are free to play at Silver Creek's mini golf course.

5.  Mitchell Resort and RV Park (Perrin, Texas)

Mitchell Resort and RV Park is dubbed as the "Capital of Cute" and its mini golf course fits well into that description. Amigo's Mini-Putt Golf Course is decorated with flamingos, cacti and mini trees. The obstacles of the 18-hole golf course feature varying degrees of difficulty, making it challenging yet fun for people of all ages. Amigo's is open to the public although campers are entitled to a lower fee of $4.50.

6.  Sugar Ridge RV Park & Campground (Danville, Vermont)

If you're looking for a mini golf course with a touch of England to it, you should visit Sugar Ridge RV Park & Campground. Sugar Ridge is a beautifully landscaped 18-hole miniature golf course, scattered with mountain streams, foot bridges and mill wheels. Open from Mother's Day to Mid-October.

7.  Keyes Lake Campgrounds (Florence, Wisconsin)

How would you like to play a game of mini golf in a lush, natural wooded area that is right beside a lovely waterfall? Keyes Lake Campgrounds has done a good job of incorporating nature into this entertaining sport, even including two ponds and flowing streams. It features an 18 Hole Pro Mini Golf Course so be prepared to do a little work if you'd want to finish all 18 holes. Keyes Mini Golf Course is open until 10pm.

8.  Indian Trails Campground (Perdeeville, Wisconsin)

The Arrowhead Adventure 18 Hole Mini Golf Course at Indian Trails Campground solves a number of challenges associated with mini golf. While most mini golf courses close before darkness settles in, Arrowhead Adventure is open until nighttime and is well-lit. Being on a wheelchair is also no excuse not to enjoy mini golf as nine of the holes are wheelchair-accessible. It has two ponds, a river, a geyser and a waterfall. And what happens when it rains? Campers can still entertain themselves at the Indoor Portable 18 Hole Mini Golf Course. It costs only a dollar each to enjoy a round of 18-hole mini golf.

Mini golf is guaranteed to bring the entire family endless fun and wholesome entertainment, so why not enjoy a game or two on your next camping road trip?

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