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Gigwam Tent System Offers Community Tenting

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Wouldn't it be great to own a tent system that gives you a dedicated section for everything and everyone? This is what Dustin Toland had in mind when he developed The Gigwam Tent System. This versatile tent system is made up of two parts: the actual tent and a foldable tunnel. The tent was designed to look like a teepee used by the Native Americans back in the day. The design makes it possible for tent campers to comfortably stand and move around the tent. Also, the tents can be pitched from the outside without the need of an internal pole to keep it stable. That's because the skeleton of this tent system is made of structural poles lodged in the flysheet. This creates the needed tension in the structure to keep the framework strong and sturdy.

But what makes the Gigwam tent system unique from other tents for camping is that you can attach several tents together through the tunnel. It's very much like a small-scale tent community where you and your friends can have some privacy at night. For families, this feature allows to you to create your own portable home away from home. You can connect multiple tents together, each assigned just like a room in your house. This gives you all the comfort and space you've ever dreamed of for your next tent camping trip.

A 2 person Gigwam that consists of a single tent shaped like a teepee and a single tunnel costs around $200 plus shipping cost from the U.K. to the U.S. For more information about the Gigwam Tent System, you can visit their official website at:

Black Gigwam Tent System in U shape configuration
Gigwam in U shape configuration.
Blue Gigwam Tent System in X shape configuration.
Gigwam in X shape configuration.
Inside view of the Gigwam
Plenty of room inside the tent.
Illustration of different configurations for Gigwam
Gigwam can be configured in many ways.

Dustin is looking for a U.S. distributor for his Gigwam Tent System. If interested, please email him at

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