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Green Camping and Outdoor Gift Ideas

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Think of Christmas day - the celebration, the excitement, the happy faces, the love-filled air that pervades the room. It is a nice finished product. Now, think of the stress-laden weeks that led to this day, battling the herds at the overcrowded malls and trying to think of that perfect gift for everyone on your never-ending list. Add to this an ever-growing desire to give green gifts to your loved ones, and you have a nightmarish task ahead of you.

Fret not, worried shopper. Here are seven green camping and outdoor gift ideas that range in price and work for almost anyone on your Christmas list.

Oggi Caribiner Sport Bottle ($5.99 - $11.99)

A great inexpensive ultra-lightweight, water bottle made from impact resistant recycled aluminum; it's perfect for long hikes to keep you refreshed. It comes complete with a convenient carabiner hook and because it's reusable, it's much greener than disposable bottles.

Brown paper bag being repurposed as Christmas gift wrap on green background
Going green for Christmas

Bamboo Socks from Bridgedale ($13.95-$18.95)

Available in low and crew styles, these viscose (from bamboo) and polyester (Coolmax®) blends offer comfort, cushion, moisture management, and thermal control for everyday life and sports and are available in a variety of sizes and styles for men and women. Other features include dense cushions at the ankles, heels, and underfoot, Nylon and Lycra® spandex for a snug fit across the ankles and insteps, and ventilation areas around insteps.

Available for purchase from Backcountry.com.

HydroStar SUB Waterproof Flashlight ($39.95)

Submersible up to thirty-three feet deep, the HydroStar SUB (Submersible Utility Beam) provides one hour of light from only one minute of cranking. The flashlight includes a 1/2 watt center LED (equal to ten regular LEDs), two bright white LEDs, Red Snake Eye laser pointers, and an LED strobe light. The SUB also includes a non-slip rubber grip, a shock resistant body, lifetime LED bulbs, a wrist lanyard, and USB adapter that can use the battery power to charge iPods and cell phones.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Foldable Solar Panel ($80)

We all use a bit of technology like handheld GPS systems and even their cellphones while on a camping trip. A handy solar charger like the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Foldable Solar Panel can charge any handheld USB and 12v compatible devices. It's specifically designed for campers and backpackers, making them very durable. And because it runs on solar power, they can easily charge your gadgets anywhere.

Big Agnes Gunn Creek Sleeping Bag ($120-$150)

Uses recycled materials to create a durable, water-resistant sleeping bag that's light enough for a long backpack, and warm enough for cold nights.

Life-Changing Gifts from World Vision (Various)

For those who want to help others this holiday season, World Vision presents an assortment of donation options. The least expensive option is to provide a soccer ball for youth recreation for $16. For $25, you can donate two chickens, or you can gift five ducks for $30. For $100, you can contribute a goat to a person in need. For $50, you can aid the 27 million children and families in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Uganda). Donations of any amount and kind help, and the aforementioned are just suggestions.

Carbon Offsets from TerraPass (Various)

If offsetting the carbon footprints of yourself and your loved ones is your goal, TerraPass provides a variety of options for businesses, families, and individuals. For the owner of an average-sized car, a one-year carbon offset is $71.40; for the owner of a hybrid or efficient car owner, the same is $35.70. The offset for a family of four for a one-year period is $369. And, for frequent flyers, a one-year flying offset is available for $50.60.

Available for purchase for individuals and businesses.

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