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The swissRoomBox - An RV you can pack in your trunk

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swissRoomBox - the world's smallest RV
Transform your car into an instant RV with the swissRoomBox.

Camping and enjoying the great outdoors often requires us to leave home any notions of comfort or convenience. Of course, that's not a problem if you have your own RV, and you can always decide to rent one for a camping trip. Unfortunately, not all of us can purchase an RV and not all of us find renting RVs frequently to be practical or particularly rewarding.

But, who says you need to have a big RV to be comfortable while camping outdoors? Former professional mountain bike racer Philippe Perakisfound a way to rid us of this notion by creating the swissRoomBox - an RV you can pack in the back of your car.

The swissRoomBox is literally a home in a box. Inspired by the design of Swiss Army knife, the swissRoomBox is a set of modular wooden containers that hold essential gear that will transform your car into an RV. In these containers are:

  • A two-burner stove, a coffeemaker, a toaster, stackable pots and pans, dishes, and utensils that you can use for cooking and eating.
  • Panels that you can assemble and use as a dining table or as the base for your bed. A double-sized mattress is included.
  • A steel sink that you can use for washing up. The water outlet in the sink doubles as a shower head, and a shower curtain is provided in the package. The swissRoomBox also comes with two 12.5-liter water tanks and a boiler for hot water.

Electric coolers, portable toilets, and extra water tanks are available as add-ons.

All the equipment included in the swissRoomBox run on electricity, so this compact RV must be directly connected to your car's battery. You don't need tools to assemble this modular RV, and it takes less than ten minutes to install and uninstall it in the back of your car.

Don't just take our word for it, check out their promotional video to see how it works:

Currently, the product is only available through the company's website, and shipping takes 8-10 weeks. swissRoomBox costs just under $8,400 (USD, pre-taxes).

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