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Airstream's Land Yacht

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The Airstream trailer is a verified American classic. It's the granddaddy of all RVs, recognized for its sleek, utilitarian design, famously embodied by its aluminum exteriors and rounded corners. It's one of the oldest and most beloved RV models around. It's the RV that our parents and grandparents probably rolled with in their RVing adventures.

Now, Airstream is showing that it could be the RV of choice for a new, younger, and technology-savvier generation of RVers, too. The proof: None other than the upcoming Airstream Land Yacht Travel Trailer.

The Airstream Land Yacht is exactly what its name suggests - a land-based beast fitted with the luxuries of a yacht. You can say that it's a marriage of iconic industrial design with Italian flair and style, as the Land Yacht is a joint project of Airstream, Tecnoform S.p.A. and Officinia Italiana Design. It differs from its predecessors in the breadth of its feature content and the attention paid to its interior. The classic Airstream silhouette is given contemporary enhancements and glamour by Tecnoform and Mauro Micheli.

The result promises to be a crowd-pleaser, a travel trailer that will appeal to both the younger set and their seniors. The chassis is 28 feet long, with an exterior that still bears the trademark Airstream sleekness, including its beloved aluminum rounded shell. The interior, however, is the real treat. Stepping inside a Land Yacht is like getting aboard the deck of a yacht.

The interior of the Airstream Land Yacht is streamlined and sophisticated. The bedroom is located at the front end of the RV; the queen-sized bed itself has a power lift that gives access to a hidden storage area. At the rear end is a dinette and social area, with seats covered with plush Ultraleather. Amidships is the bathroom and the galley kitchen, the latter having a surface that can be hidden when not in use. LED lighting, three power awnings and a ducted air conditioning system completes the Land Yacht's posh ambiance.

Airstream begins production of the Land Yacht in August. Industry insiders are anticipating that the Land Yacht will cost somewhere in the upper five figures. Nonetheless, with this travel trailer's timeless and comfortable design, these insiders are also expecting the Land Yacht to be a popular choice once it hits the market later this year.

Check out the Airstream Land Yacht on the Airstream website.

Exterior of Airstream Land Yacht
The new American Classic.
Interior of Airstream Land Yacht, front to back showing living area and bedroom
The Land Yacht interior design is similar to the deck of a yacht.
Front Lounge of Airstream Land Yacht
Dine in style aboard the Airstream Land Yacht.
Airstream Land Yacht galley
The sophisticated Airstream Land Yacht galley.
Airstream Land Yacht galley covered when not in use
The Airstream Land Yacht galley can be covered when not in use.

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