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Lose Weight by Changing Your Plate

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Reduce your plate size, reduce your calories

A new "diet" is finding its way onto our kitchen shelves. One that doesn't require detailed calorie counts, extreme food avoidance, or even complicated rules for pairing. It appeals to simple principles - awareness and common sense. The 9-Inch "Diet" is not your typical diet book. Peculiarly, it is a book about plates, which makes it readily accessible for everyone, at home in the RV and on the road.

According to Alex Bogusky, author of The 9-Inch "Diet":

  • FACT - 95 percent of dieters regain the weight after five years.
  • FACT - The average American dinner plate has grown from 9 inches in diameter to 12 inches since 1970.
  • FACT - As a result, we're now consuming more than 300 excess calories per day.
  • FACT - Our bodies have kept pace growing with our plates.

The cure is to return to 9 inch dinner plates. Alex first realized that there was a problem with the size of our plates when he purchased a new home. The house was built in the 1940's and when Alex tried to fill his kitchen cabinets he realized something that was quite astonishing for him - his plates would not fit! This kicked off a curious thought about portions, food and waistlines. He began his research and shares his findings with America.

The 9-Inch "Diet" is eye opening. You as a consumer are being duped - being offered larger and larger portions ("what value!" we all say) for that extra couple of dollars or cents. This increases company profits, and regrettably also increases our waistlines. The cup size that is now a small was once a large; average plate sizes have increased 33% or more; even bagels have expanded in size, leading us to consumer more than 300 extra calories per day. Alex exposes this plot, using images to compare sizes over the last 40 years, examining the economics behind "providing more value" and offers suggestions to sensibly curb eating habits.

Following this "diet" is easy. Here are a few practical suggestions to start you off. Replace your dinner plates with your salad plates. You can even use paper plates for your road trips as they are typically 9 inches in diameter. If you enjoy dining out, simply ask for a salad plate to be brought along with your meal and eat the portion that fits on the smaller plate, saving the rest for lunch the next day.

Reducing the size of your plate, in turn, it reduces the amount of calories you consume. Perfect for people on the go, and leaves few excuses even if you are on a camping or RV trip. A healthy lifestyle is all about moderation and that is what The 9-Inch "Diet" is all about.

Interested in reading more? You can purchase The 9-Inch 'Diet' at all good bookstores.

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