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Cabin Camping Gains Popularity

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A log cabin in the woods at a campground

As the recession has forced families to scale down family vacations, many have flocked to campgrounds as a financially viable and fun alternative. These new campers have come to campgrounds with a specific set of expectations and desires, which don't include camping out in a tent.

Many new camping families, are not ready to dive headlong into the camping lifestyle. While they are eager to experience camping, there is a reluctance to forgo the creature comforts they associate with vacations and relaxation. New campers want to try the camping experience before they invest in camping gear or an RV, and the most logical segue way is a cabin. Not surprisingly, cabin camping has caught on, forcing campground owners to adapt to this new breed of camper or miss out on a promising new segment of the camping population.

Cabin camping has become so popular that some campground owners have poured a great amount of resources into catering to this market. Debbie Smith, of Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association notes, We have found there has been quite a surge in campgrounds purchasing cabins. Interest is so strong that we have even created a website to cater to this market. Pat of Northeast Campground Association seconds these sentiments, We have found there has been quite a surge in campgrounds purchasing cabins. The campgrounds are getting requests for the cabins a lot more. Hotels are expensive. It is a more affordable way to go out.

One of the major draws of the cabins is the security of being able to close a door to the outside world at night. For families, this type of security is a necessity that gives parents peace of mind. The closed quarters of a cabin also bring families together. Some cabins lack kitchens or bathrooms, forcing families to work together to cook outside and start the campfire. Surprisingly, many of the cabins that serve as a place of family togetherness are born from prison inmates. In Minnesota, Red Wing Prison has put together a program called Sentencing to Service Homes that selects 30 inmates a year to train in carpentry skills. With their newfound skills the prisoners construct camping cabins, which upon completion are trucked to state parks throughout Minnesota. Kansas and Michigan have similar programs.

For campers, prison inmates, and state parks, camping cabins have been a win-win. However, make sure you book early if you plan on camping on a public holiday or during the summer months as cabins tend to go quickly especially at State or National Parks.You can use CampingRoadTrip.com to locate camping cabins throughout the nation. Login to CampingRoadTrip.com, go to our Smart Search, select a state, and click "Show Advanced Search." In the drop down box to the right of "Looking for", select "Cabin / Cottage".

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