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Rainy Day Camping Fun

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Kids playing in the rainYou've been looking forward to making the most of the great outdoors on your camping road trip, but the weather just doesn't want to cooperate. Here are some suggestions for keeping you and your friends or your family occupied during rainy days and making sure your camping trip doesn't become a wash out.

Board games

Bring along some of your favorites, especially ones that can keep you busy for hours such as, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. Don't forget classics like chess, checkers and of course a pack of cards.


Whatever you or the kids are into, whether it's scrapbooking, beading, or knitting, a rainy day can be the perfect time to revisit these favorite pastimes.

Local indoor activities

Check whether your campground/RV park has a recreation room where you and your children can while away a wet afternoon and meet other campers.

Before going on your road trip, find out what's available in the towns nearest to your campsite. Look out for bowling, indoor skating rinks, movie theaters and other family-friendly and fun entertainment. If there are only villages nearby, they may have a small museum where you can learn about the local area and its history. There could also be some interesting shops - you never know what you might find!


Bring along some of the books that have been on your 'Must Read' list for months. This is the perfect time to re-discover the joys of a good book!


Yes, good old fashioned talking to your camp mates!

Portable DVD players

Although the purpose of your trip was to enjoy the outdoors, these can be lifesavers during long bouts of bad weather (not to mention long car journeys!).

Get out there!

If all else fails, and provided the weather's not too extreme, get out a have fun in the rain! Water sports such as swimming and kayaking can be great fun in a summer rain shower, provided it's not too cold of course. Even just stomping around in the puddles is great fun for kids. Remember to come prepared with your waterproofs.

Be patient

This is the vital to prevent hostility when you're cooped up in an RV, or a tent, for long periods of time with our nearest and dearest.

Rain or bad weather on your camping road trip need not spell disaster and hopefully any bad weather won't last too long. It is definitely worth checking the weather forecast before you go, and if it's supposed to be really bad or prolonged, consider postponing your trip to another time. If this is not possible, then you can see that there are plenty of other ways to make your trip fun should bad weather interfere.

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