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Tips to Make Quick and Easy Camping Meals

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Cooking over a campfireWhether you prefer to stick to the camping classics of hot dogs and s'mores, or to whip up a meal so tasty, other campers would be begging for a seat at your campfire, here are some tips to make meal planning and preparation on your trip as simple and hassle free as calling for take-out.

Invest in a Camping Cooler

Cooking and then freezing some of your favorite one pot dishes or casseroles before leaving home is an easy way to ensure quick preparation while on the road. Be sure to freeze the dishes until solid, then just pack them into the cooler, defrost, heat and enjoy.

Consider Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated Options

Camping stores often sell full dehydrated meals, which need only hot water to prepare. These meals provide the perfect solution for those who don't like to cook, and are also a great idea when backpacking, hiking or in any other situation where carrying food isn't an option.

Use Instant Foods for Quick Meals

Instant oatmeal, ramen noodles, hot chocolate mix, fruit and raw veggies.....all taste better when eaten around a campfire - and can be prepared in minutes.

A Little Prep-Work at Home Goes a Long Way while on the Road

If you're going on a short trip, taking the time to measure ingredients for each meal will make meal preparation a snap. Pre-chop ingredients such as onions, potatoes, chicken skewers, etc. at home, then measure the amounts and pack them in easy to seal plastic sandwich bags. You'll save yourself time spent chopping or measuring ingredients at the campsite. When meal time arrives, just grab the bag you need from the cooler and add the ingredients to your recipe.

Don't Forget the Aluminum Foil

You can cook almost anything over a campfire on a simple, inexpensive camping grill. Covering the grill with foil will help keep the food from charring and burning before the inside is cooked. Foods such as burgers, sausages, bacon, meat, etc, can all be set directly on top of the foil. Use the foil to wrap some foods before setting on the grill (fish and vegetables are especially delicious cooked this way).

Keep It Simple

Some of the best meals ever are the simplest - fruit, bread, cheese and wine or PB&J for the kids.

Final Tip

If your meals do not turn out the way you expected, just remember; everything tastes better when eaten outdoors surrounded by family and friends!

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