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New Post 6/8/2014 4:20 PM
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Camping and fishing 
Would like to start a fishing & camping thread about places to fish and camp.

I love camping along Tamiami trail in the everglades and Miami. Tamiami trail fishing is really good for variety of fresh and salt. I just got back from camping in the everglades.
I caught a good size juvinile tarpon, a 27" snook. That is near 10,000 Island part of the everglades. Further down tamiami trail you can catch bass, bluegill, oscars, and pest fish like gar.
even further down close to miami you can start catching peacock bass. I love peacock bass.
I hope people will post other good places to fish and what to catch in florida.
New Post 9/18/2014 2:38 PM
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Re: Camping and fishing 
We always love going to Lee Vining and camping around there. It is about a 20 minute drive West of Mono Lake. The campgrounds are each separated by a group of trees, so you are not peering into other peoples campgrounds. There are no showers, there are only outhouses but only about 3 for the entire campground. So it is a good midway for those who have camped at local parks with all of the amenities of leisure, wanted to take it up a notch to real camping. There is a wonderful creek stocked with fish, which can easily be your dinner.

Once you get there there is also a lot of areas for people to go off and hike, you just need to find a safe way to cross the river, I mean there are large trees that are across the river but I have not been there in about a year, so they could have been washed away. We have only but wonderful memories of going here, especially since you can rent canoes, and paddle around Mono Lake.
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