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Towing a teardrop 
Hey everyone,
Brand new to trailer camping here (actually, I am more than brand new - I just placed an order for a teardrop for delivery in the early Spring 2016!).

I currently have a 2012 Subaru Forrester, and I'm wondering about the feasibility of towing with it. Weight-wise, it's well under the max towing weight for my Forrester, but I've been cautioned against going up into the mountains with it. The spec's are as follows:

Teardrop weight (without supplies): ~700 lbs.
Max. rated towing weight for the Forrester: 2400 lbs.

I'm planning to get a transmission cooler installed, but one of the mechanics I've talked to thinks the strain on the drive train will be too much, especially heading West from Denver, where I live.

Any thoughts or advice from seasoned towers?

Thanks in advance,
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