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Rental RV Trip Advice 
Some friends and I are planning a road trip for this August and I would love any advice or feedback. We are from NJ and plan on renting a 25 foot RV from CruiseAmerica. Our trip will start in Mesa, AZ and end in Massachusetts. We got a quote of $4,400 for a 16 day rental.
In terms of logistics, we plan on driving from NJ to Boston (so that our car will be there), and then flying to Arizona to pickup the RV.
Here is our itinerary:
○ Mesa, Phoenix, AZ
○ Grand Canyon Village, Arizona
○ Hoover Dam, Nevada
○ North Las Vegas, Nevada
○ Yosemite Valley, California
○ Redwood National and State Parks
○ Yellowstone National Park
○ Mount Rushmore National Memorial
○ Badlands National Park
○ Chicago, Illinois
○ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
○ Montreal, Québec, Canada
○ Tyngsborough, Massachusetts
Between the four of us, we are planning on spending around $3,000 each for the whole trip (including gas & RV rental). We want to stay a few nights in a couple of the national parks and make brief stops along the way. Does that estimate seem low, high, or accurate?
Can any experienced roadtrippers weigh in with advice?
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