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New Post 2/3/2017 11:37 AM
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Looking for RV 
After 2 fun years with our StarCraft 2407 we wish to upgrade our RV.
I found it hard to find the perfect fit to our needs, so I would really appreciate your advice. We are looking for:
- Towing vehicle is a Acura Mdx 2002 – Towing capacity 4,500 LBS
- Beds required - 2 queen beds with curtains/door for privacy. We don’t want any bunk beds (small kids).
- Shower/toilet
- Dinette
- AC
- Willing to consider a Hybrid
- Cost – up to 18,000$

Any suggestions?

New Post 2/4/2017 8:32 AM
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Re: Looking for RV 
Modified By Einar1  on 2/11/2017 1:08:03 PM)
My wife and I bought a used 2005 StarCraft Travelstar 21' that is a Hybrid. We have now had it for going on three years and we love it! After tenting for many years and two pop-ups.When we first took a look at the Hybrids we were not crazy about the idea. But after thinking about it for a while and checking them out at an RV Show. We thought it might be the way to go.
With it just being the two of us and our two large dogs. It has everything on your list and even has a 12' slide-out for even more floor space. Easy to tow and quick to set up too! It only takes about 15 minutes after getting it onto the camp site.
We found ours on the web. and got it for 11,000$ it was well worth it. And like I said we love it!
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