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New Post 5/2/2013 4:16 AM
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Camping with Dogs 
Do you have a dog, and do you go camping with your dog? If yes, what measures/precautions do you take to make sure your pet stays safe and doesn't disturb other campers? I ask because I just got a new canine friend. He's housebroken and all, but he gets easily distracted and is a bit spoiled by his previous owner. I want to take him camping one day, but I'm not sure how I'll deal with it if he misbehaves or causes trouble while we're camping.
New Post 6/6/2013 3:36 PM
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Re: Camping with Dogs 
If your dog is still young, then the more exposure you give him to camping the easier it will get. I know many people that bring their dogs and have since they were puppies. Yes it is not easy at first. They must be trained. I started camping when my dog was eight and set in her ways. She is fine around people, even large crowds. She would not lay down outside though. With activity everywhere she always wanted to see what was going on. When we got home we were relaxed...she was exhausted.
New Post 12/26/2013 5:04 AM
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Re: Camping with Dogs 

I do had experienced a similar position when I was to go for an outdoor camping with my friends at Floatrite. Yup! I was lucky to take my pet safely and yeah, I took him back in a steady state with no matters. All that I've done was to take him to the vet and vaccinate and to avail a first-aid kit all time. Above all these, we still want to make sure that the temperature remains constant or, you can be bringing some excess blankets to keep your dog warm all the time.

Probably, this was something that I followed to take my pet to the camp and bring him back safely. This may sound better even for your pet, I guess.

Have an elated camping! :)
New Post 12/27/2013 2:37 PM
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Re: Camping with Dogs 
We bring our long haired Dachshund with us always, he's spoiled rotten, & is a little hard headed, so he doesn't take to training well, but other than a few barks now & then, he gets along pretty good.
The main thing in a campground, is to know & obey the rules, leash length, pick up after him, don't tie him to the trees, don't leave him tied outside alone are a few.
Most campers are fairly tolerant, & will put up with a few occasional yaps now & then, but NOT incessant barking, and as a dog owner, nothing upsets me more than to see other owners that are so inconsiderate as to not pick up after their dog.
Taking him with us, has created some restrictions for us, but I just can't see boarding him when we go,
New Post 4/10/2015 5:31 AM
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Re: Camping with Dogs 
you have to keep them with some precautions that would be better for both of you & your pet. These precautions ensure the safety of your canine family during camping. Many places are pet-friendly but with some limitations. In Los Angeles County, the best place to camp on or near the beach with your pet. Point Mugu & Leo Carrillo State Parks- there are two parks that allow dogs to enjoy the water with their owners at the fullest.

When it comes to San Diego county, it offers the paradise for dogs & people. You will get four beaches in and around the county such as North Beach Dog Run in Coronado, Del Mar, Ocean Beach Dog Beach and Fiesta Island at Mission Bay. However, pets are most welcomed on camp lots but some places are not allowed with pets.

I addition, to avoid lots of health problems of your dog such as dehydration then encouraging your dog for fresh water during tenting & playing on the beach.

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