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New Post 9/12/2017 1:24 PM
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Hurricane Harvey Losers need RV question HELP 
My wife and I 62, lost everything in Katrina and now Harvey took the rest. We can't go through this anymore. Life is too short and it keeps kicking our butts. We have access to a F150 and would like to cash out (may need to live in it for awhile) and get a truck camper or a 18ft appox travel trailer. What truck camper is best for f150? is there any negatives about a truck camper we should know? were in good shape, what about dogs? price is a major consideration and negatives about traveling, parks etc. Any help would be appreciated
New Post 9/14/2017 3:21 PM
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Re: Hurricane Harvey Losers need RV question HELP 
Modified By bukhrn  on 9/14/2017 3:35:40 PM)
Sorry to hear about your losses, many folks in the same boat.
But with an F150, I don't think you're going to get much of a TC, a 250 or 350 certainly, but with a F150 I think you'd be far better off going with a TT, with the right suspension and hitch, (load Leveling) you could go a bit longer than 18 ft. (which is kinda small), maybe 24 +/- especially if you have to spend a lot of time in it. Small gets even smaller, Real quick.
The smallest one Arctic fox makes, the 811 is just under 1 1/2 ton, it does come with a dinette slide, IIRC, the 150 is a 1/2 ton truck, the Wolf Creek 840 is just a tick under 1 ton, but has no slide which makes it more cramped.
Try this site, but again I think you'd be farther ahead with a TT.
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Re: Hurricane Harvey Losers need RV question HELP 
You've had a rough go at it, my sympathies.
Bur, if you're considering a truck camper, may I suggest otherwise. I've rented a TC before for a weekend, found it claustrophobic, way too small. And it has to be either set off the truck or you have to unhook from utilities to drive anywhere. It also radically alters the way your truck drives, extremely top heavy and the load requires a bigger truck than you have access to.
If you're thinking of something "long term" you'll want some space. And with about 7,000 pounds towing capacity (if your truck is equipped with a towing package) you can pull a fairly decent size & equipped travel trailer, say perhaps 22 to 26 feet long, perhaps with a slide out section that greatly expands your floor space when you're at a campground and set up. There are many good floor plans to choose from, you can search online for what you like. In our case a 'front queen' bed with weight limit of 5,000 pounds gave us thousands of units to consider. You can pull up dealers for whatever state you are currently in.

You may be tempted to look at used units, but most first time buyers get a bad experience with a used TT. If you're cashing out from total property losses, you may have enough cash on hand to buy a new unit outright, many are out there for 15 to 20 thousand. There are many campgrounds that allow 'long term' setups, search your state for places.

Most of your campgrounds will accept the family pooch (or two) but they can't run around loose (6' leash, typically) or bark all night. Typically the park has a 'dog zone' for them to do their outside business, but you must pick up after them.
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