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Join the Sales Team and Earn Income from Home 
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Join the Sales Team and Earn Income from Home is a popular RV and camping travel website that helps families and friends find the best campgrounds and RV parks across the USA and fun things to do in the outdoors. We are the most comprehensive source with over 19,000 campground listings. We promote campgrounds and RV parks through our web site, our Camp Finder app and social media channels.

Are you looking for a way to earn income from home? Do you have sales experience? Have you been camping and RVing before? If so, might be for you. We’re looking for individuals for a minimum of 3 hours a day to make calls to campgrounds across the USA.

We Are Looking For People Who…
  • Love RVing and camping
  • Enjoy talking on the phone and meeting new people
  • Are bright, cheerful and want to help
  • Like working independently and as a team player.

How Does it Work?
  • Earn an hourly rate and sales commission working as an independent contractor
  • Make on average 3 to 8 hours a day of calls between Monday and Friday, depending on what works best for you
  • Attend training before you start to help you be successful
  • Provide you with a phone or paid for call related expenses
  • Access full sales support resources e.g. call lists, sales tools, email account, templates and more
  • Be part of a growing and dynamic team who love to help campground owners reach more campers and RVers.

What We Expect From You
  • To make a minimum of 15 hours of campground calls a week
  • To attend a weekly team meeting
  • Must own a computer/laptop and have good access to the internet
  • Must have proven sales experience.

  • Work from home
  • Part-time or full-time, whatever works for you
  • Hourly rate so you don’t take all the risk with no reward
  • Sales commission so there is no limit to what you can earn
  • All the in-depth training and tools you need for your success.

How Can I Apply to Join the Sales Team?

Send us an email with your resume attached to Tell us a little about yourself including (a) your favorite place to go on a camping road trip (b) what you look for in a good campground / RV park (c) the most interesting person you’ve met in the great outdoors. We’ll then contact you for an interview.

Your Customer Service Team
Bringing Camping Fun to Everyone
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