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New Post 4/26/2015 8:20 AM
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Camp cooking storing 
One of the best things that we have used camping and RVing for food storage Is our Food Saver Vacuum sealer.
It works great for camping! I try to make meals up ahead before we go like stews, soups. Then all you need to do is reheat like a boil in the bag.
We also try to make up stuff to freeze like the steaks and burgers. Then we freeze them before we put them in the bags so they don't flatten out. Then seal them in the bags then freeze them before we go camping. The packed up food being frozen acts as ice in the coolers and stays frozen for a few days. The food does not get all soggy and when it thaws out your good to go to cook it or pull it out of the cooler to thaw when you want it. Great for your dry goods too. I put pancake mix in them and even store our pop corn in them.
Many things you can store with it.
New Post 4/30/2015 3:13 PM
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Re: Camp cooking storing 
Those Vacuum Sealers are great Ideas, It's on my list for gifts for my wife, as she is very practical & mentioned wanting one for a while, I know she'd appreciate it more than any shiny bling.
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