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New Post 1/6/2011 11:06 AM
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Preparedness Is Key 
Before you set out on your RV adventure, remember that planning ahead is often the most important part of your trip. Particularly when discussing health, you can never be too cautious on what you choose to include in your first aid kit. (

Plan ahead. You'd be surprised how many disasters can be adverted with a touch of foresight.

Have fun and be safe,
New Post 12/6/2012 8:09 AM
  the Alban
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Re: Preparedness Is Key 
Well said, Alex! Whenever we go camping, I tend to be quite OC when it comes to the things that we need. As much as possible, we bring double of the things that we initially need to bring. Yes, it can be quite a lot of stuff, but I cannot tell you how many times we've been in situations where this came in handy.
New Post 12/6/2012 10:22 PM
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Re: Preparedness Is Key 
I should let my husband read this! He's always complained that I pack way too much whenever we go camping. For me, it's more about being prepared. You never can say when we may need to spend an extra night or two elsewhere, especially if it's a long road trip. Since this is coming from a guy, perhaps he'll finally understand. Hahahaha!!!
New Post 12/10/2012 7:55 AM
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Re: Preparedness Is Key 
My goodness! I have been on this forum for a while and it's only now that I read this article. After reading through the list, I never realized just how much lacking our First Aid Kit. Thanks for sharing this here.
New Post 12/10/2012 11:07 PM
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Re: Preparedness Is Key 
Agree! The list is very comprehensive and covers everything that you need to make sure that you stay safe while camping.
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