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Gear suggestions 
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I've been looking at camping gear for a long time and i'm ready to start accumulating everything. Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated. For now i'll probably camp a couple or few times a year, mainly summer or once in the fall due to my job, so i cant justify a large investment.
Curious about what i need to took with me?
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  Tom Cooper
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Re: Gear suggestions 
Oh yeah. That would be very interesting. It’s a pity the truth, the topic vryatli will come to life)
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Re: Gear suggestions 
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The most important RV gear I would suggest to buy the best RV water softener. If you purchase any accessory for your RV, this should be the first.

Hard water build up is disastrous for the pipes, has an odd taste, stains your toilet and sink, and wears out other appliances such as laundry machines faster than usual.

Installing a water softener in your RV is the best way to counter this issue while on the go. I've been using On The Go water softener.

I Iove it, bought this for our winter stay in an RV Park in Florida. The water here is very hard so thought this would be worth a try.
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