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Toy Haulers

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Family driving their ATVs into their RV
Family enjoying their toys on their RV trip

I'd like to take my ATV with me on a camping trip. What kind of RV should I look for?

Dear RVer

Luckily, some smart RV manufacturers have developed an RV that is built to do just that - haul toys. Toy haulers, which also go by the name Sport Utility Trailer / RV are mobile homes with a garage that has the capacity for ATV's, wave runners, scooters, dirt bikes, snow mobiles or canoes.

The advantages of owning a toy hauler

A toy hauler is specifically designed to haul your toys. They have features designed to keep your toys safe and secure such as tie-down hooks that minimize the strain on them. Also unique to the toy hauler is the flooring. Most toy haulers come with stainless steel or vinyl floor, making it easy to clean up sand, soil or mud. Also, toy haulers have a very large door to accommodate your toys with a wide ramp for you to easily load or unload your ATV.

Types of Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are available in a variety of types, sizes and floor plans from basic cargo only to the normal amenities that you'd expect in a regular RV, such as living area, kitchen, bathrooms and sleeping area. Toy haulers are available as tent trailers, travel trailers, 5th Wheel trailers and motorhomes.

When buying a toy hauler, make a list of your preferences and requirements. Some key things to consider:

  1. How many people do you need to sleep?

    The more people the bigger the toy hauler needed.
  2. If you are considering a trailer how much gross weight can your truck tow?

    Although manufacturers have decreased the weight of toy haulers over the years you should ensure your trailer's gross weight fully loaded doesn't exceed 80% of your towing capacity.  This gives you a little power to spare which can be useful in hilly or mountainous terrain.
  3. What type of toys are you going to haul?

    Aside from your ATV, do you wish to extend your collection by adding snow mobiles, canoes, four wheelers and the like?  Go for a toy hauler with a large storage area such as a 5th wheel if you intend to acquire other toys.
  4. What optional features do you require?

    Some toy haulers come equipped with a basic workshop area for you to tinker with your toys. This is especially handy for toys that require additional assemblage or when there is an immediate need for repairs. Storage cabinets are also helpful in maintaining your tools or stowing away smaller toys like surfboards, snowboards and skis.

For additional tips on buying an RV, check out How to buy an RV.  For more information on RVs check out What type of RV is right for you?

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