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Pop Up Camper as impressive as the Sydney Opera House

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Side view of pop up camper shaped like Sydney Opera House
Pop Up Camper or Sydney Opera House on wheels?

A Dutch company, Your Suite in Nature has introduced a new concept and look in luxury - a pop up camper shaped like the Sydney Opera House! The trailer, branded Opera, was launched in December at the Design at Work trade show in Belgium. The Opera takes the pop up to a new level of style and comfort. The Opera looks like a tent but comes with all the modern benefits of a motorhome.

Internal view of pop up camper shaped like Sydney Opera House
Camp in style and comfort

The makers have spared no expense in making the Opera a top-class pop up trailer. It is made of oak, stainless steel and leather. It comes with all the trimmings of a luxury RV - a compact kitchen, ceramic toilet and outdoor shower, it even has heating. Two electrically adjusted beds that become one with a single movement. Low impact LED lights brighten the interiors which has comfortable storage space for your personal items. Wine aficionados can relax on the veranda of the camper, sipping their favorite wine that has been chilled in the wine rack!

The Opera seems to be the ultimate word in luxury. It will initially be available only in Europe in spring 2010. As for the price of this stylish camper, it is a cool $48,000 (33,000 Euros). A small price to pay for the latest in pop up camper and all that jaw dropping attention!

For more information on this glamorous camper, please visit their website.

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