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No light? NoPoPo! A camper's comfort

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NoPoPo Mini Lantern
This flashlight is small, but mighty! And eco-friendly.

Chances are, if you're anything more than a weekend warrior, you've been in a situation where you needed to find your way in the dark, but when you went to flip on your flashlight you got nothing. A dead flashlight can put a damper on your camping trip in a hurry.

NoPoPo hydro-electric battery
Liquid Power!

Simple tasks become much more difficult - setting up tents in the dark, gathering extra fire wood while stumbling over rocks, roots, and other obstacles, or searching hopelessly for a toilet when time is in short supply. Well, never again.

Here is something we, at, stumbled upon. It has taken camping gadgets to a new (somewhat bizarre) level. The eco-friendly NoPoPo Mini Lantern is powered by a rechargeable AA battery, and you don't need an electrical outlet to boost the juice. Actually, juice will do the trick. Or water, cola, or beer. Even urine. (But why would you waste perfectly good beer when urine will suffice?) Some reviewers even found that blood worked in a pinch, but we don't recommend this unless it's a last resort, lest you trade one unfortunate situation for a more perilous one.

The NoPoPo Mini Lantern is also multi-functional, serving as both a flashlight and a unidirectional lantern. Simply adjust the casing to suit your preference. If you are planning to buy it for yourself, or perhaps your camping crazed loved one, the costs is $55, plus shipping. Apparently the battery lasts up to ten years without losing its charge, and it can be recharged up to four times. If only they could make an RV battery like this. We'd never have to make pit stops again.

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