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Best Camping Snacks

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Having the right snacks on hand is extremely important when you and your family go camping. Since you're bound to do a lot of physical activities while camping, you'll all need a lot of energy to keep up. The right kind of camping snacks will provide you with enough energy to help you stay on your feet.

Thankfully, there are a lot of healthy snack options available. Many of them are snacks you can prepare on your own, whether before you leave for your camping trip, on the road, or at the campsite itself.

Here are four of the best snacks that will fill you with long-lasting energy and guilt-free enjoyment while camping.

Veggie Sticks, Chips and Kabobs

There are many ways to snack on vegetables while camping. You can cut up raw carrots and celery into bite-sized sticks, pack them in a zip-lock bag, and take them with you while hiking.

Alternatively, you can cut carrots and potatoes into slices and cook them in a skillet drizzled with olive oil to make your own crunchy vegetable chips. The same process works with spinach and kale.

You can also cut your choice vegetables into cubes, skewer them, and cook them over the campfire. These vegetables kabobs are much healthier to eat than roasted marshmallows and almost as much fun to cook.

A healthy trail mix with dried fruits and nuts
Healthy trail mix


Tortillas are quite versatile in that you can eat them however you want. If someone in your campsite gets hungry after a whole day of physical activity, you can easily put together a tortilla wrap with any leftover meat, some lettuce, and tomato slices as filling.

If you don't have meat or vegetables for the filling, you can just spread peanut butter, fruit jam, or low-fat cheese on your tortilla, just roll it, and enjoy. If you have a cooking source, you can put cheese inside two tortillas, heat it, and make a quesadilla.

Plain, Unsalted Crackers

A packet of plain, unsalted crackers presents many snacking possibilities. You can spread jam, cheese, or peanut butter on a cracker before you eat it. You can top a cracker with any food item available - hotdog or sausage slices, bacon bits, or chopped tomatoes.

Because the cracker is unsalted, you can focus on the flavor of the toppings. You can also eat the cracker as it is: plain and without any spreads or toppings.

Homemade Trail Mix

The trail mix is a classic snack that campers should never go without. It's versatile, easy to make, and convenient to take wherever you go. You can buy a bag of trail mix from any grocery store, but it's always best - and more fun - to make your own. By doing this, you control the ingredients in your trail mix and save money as well.

One of the best ways to make one is to mix in different types of nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts. Add into this mix some seeds, such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. For sweetness and texture, you can put in dried fruits like raisins, prunes, mangoes, cherries, and banana chips.

Since a lot of people like chocolate in their trail mix, you can add chocolate in yours too if you want. Chocolate, after all, is great as long as eaten in moderation. If you want chocolate in your trail mix, it's best to get cacao nibs, which are raw and healthy chocolate. If you can't get cacao nibs, stick to dark chocolate, instead of milk chocolate. Not only is dark chocolate rich in antioxidants, but it's also the closest you can get to chocolate in its natural form.

The right kind of snacks can get you a long way during a camping trip. As long as you choose and prepare your camping snacks wisely and healthily, you can indulge in them as much as you want while camping.

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