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Q&A: Teardrop Campers

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Teardrop camper with kitchen
Photo courtesy of Ross Wade, Wood N' Mirror

What is a teardrop camper? It sounds interesting, can you explain?

Dear Camper,

Some argue that the only way to experience the real outdoors is to sleep in a sleeping bag and carry your necessities, while others prefer more of the home comforts while camping. A teardrop camper can give you the best of both worlds.

These trailers are only about four feet high and eight feet long. But don't let their size fool you! Not only do teardrop campers allow you to bring the outside in, they are convenient and economical to boot!

Because the panels of a teardrop camper open out, they allow you to experience nature firsthand. These campers typically have a bed big enough for two, a galley area under the back hatch and lots of creative storage spaces to keep your gear. These trailers are wonderfully compact units, perfect for one or two people, and provide shelter in rain, hail or shine!

Teardrop campers allow you to hit the road with little hassle. These trailers, unlike the larger models, can be hauled behind a regular car. Unlike a tent, set up time is next to nothing: just unlatch, open out and hook up.

Best of all, teardrop converts love the feel of extra cash in their pocketbooks. Being small and light has its advantages. Hauling these campers is much more fuel efficient compared to the larger counterparts, and these trailers are significantly cheaper to purchase and maintain.

What better way to experience nature without giving up some of the creature comforts? Let the teardrop camping begin!

To find out more have a look at:

The world of teardrop campers: http://www.campingearth.com/teardrop

Teardrop camper makes the news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1GbeG4hKrU

Instructions to make your own teardrop camper: http://www.teardrops.net/plans01.html

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