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Take yoga on the road

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Yoga on the road

Yoga is one of the most effective workouts for campers and RVers, so it's important that you know how to continue your routines while on the road. Here are five easy ways to take yoga on the road with you.

  1. BYO DVD
    Bringing along your own DVDs or video workout tapes is a sure way to know that you will follow through with your yoga practice. Plus this is a quick and easy way to workout. Simply, roll out the mat, pop in the DVD or video and turn on the TV in the RV! Et voila!
  2. Log onto online yoga sites
    You're going to find that more and more campgrounds provide internet access during your stay, so take advantage! Log on to their service, or pull out your wireless card, and stream yoga videos directly to your computer. Sites like allow you to subscribe to their service and instantly stream as many videos as you like!
  3. Bring yoga books or flash cards
    Have a set of flash cards or books that you simply cannot perform your routine without? Bring them along! If you're looking for some new material, take a quick trip to your local book store, or search online for recommended books. Flash cards are great because you can pick a pose and do it in the morning, afternoon or night!
  4. Download workouts to your iPod
    Get ready for some pocketsize yoga fun! iTunes has a wide selection of yoga videos, music, and podcasts. Be sure that you upload iTunes to your computer before you channel your inner yogi!
  5. YouTube
    You can find a video for almost any topic on YouTube and that includes Yoga. They've got a video for all of your yoga needs; from Yoga for Beginners to Yoga Outdoors!

Yoga is a holistic approach to fitness; it's productive for your mind, body and spirit. So, don't miss your next workout simply because you're on a camping or RV trip. Take your yoga routine on the road with you and learn a few new moves inspired by your amazing surroundings.

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