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How to Find Out How Much Your RV is Worth

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Value Your RV

As an RV owner wanting to estimate the current value of an RV that you have owned for a few years and are looking to sell off, you have several options available at your disposal.

The first step to evaluate an RV's worth is self-inspection. You can simply check the vehicle for its basic condition and appearance, both cosmetic and the internal workings, of which the engine is the most important.

Next calculate the wear and tear and depreciation on the vehicle, and compare the odometer mileage against the average miles traveled on a motorhome of the same year and make. As a rule of thumb, the fewer the miles as compared a comparable motorhome, the higher the price, and vice versa. These steps should give you a general idea on the worth of your Class C is worth.

For a more concise evaluation, you can turn to the experts. There are nationally recognized appraisal guides out there, namely the Kelly Blue Book and NADA Appraisal Guides which you can refer to for an accurate assessment of the worth of your RV.

Sure enough, you can always count on the World Wide Web to provide some answers. There are websites that lead you through a detailed questionnaire on the specs of your RV such as the type, year, make, model and so on to arrive at an estimation. Try Kelley Blue Book. and NADA Guides. Then you have RV auction sites where you can search for the prices at which RVs similar to yours are being sold for. You can check Craigslist, eBay, Lazydays, RVTrader, and RVzen. On websites like RVs R Us and JR Consumer you can pay to get an expert opinion and a full report on the value of your RV.

You can also contact your local RV dealer or insurance agent, who will run a thorough assessment of the RV for you. It is always better to get more than one opinion regarding this.

Lastly, you could have your RV appraised by a professional. An RV appraiser will research the present market conditions and comparable RVs to arrive at the true estimated value of an RV. Some websites you could refer to: RV Appraisals, RV Help Net, RV Appraiser, Automotive Appraisal Service Group, PPL Motorhomes.

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