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RV travel the old way

"Freedom is the option of making the choice to be responsible for the things that are truly important."

The RV industry marks its 100th anniversary this year. Motorized homes have been around since 1910, but traveling in wagons dates back even farther than that! Meet Lee the Horselogger, a connoisseur of pre-RV travel. A man who travels across the U.S. the old fashioned way - in a horse pulled wagon. His story reminds us of what traveling and life should be about. Great companionship, humility, and living life to the fullest.

Lee's "motorhome" runs on hay. He has Suffolk Punch Draft horses, which traditionally used to till and harvest land, as they are a little shorter, but tend to be more muscular and stronger than many other horse breeds. You'll always see Max, Tom, and Faye leading the way for Lee. In addition to his horses, by his side you'll find two Great Pyrenees dogs, Katie and Ker-Mutt, who provide Lee with the companionship needed for traveling across America in a wagon with a three horsepower engine!

While many RVers could not imagine traveling across the U.S. at the pace that Lee travels, it's his humility and patience that makes a trip like this one possible. He travels in the covered wagon that he built himself, and enjoys the clippity-clop sound of progress along the way. Lee, a cancer survivor, feels that watches should be thrown away because of the attachment to deadlines and schedules that sometimes take away the enjoyment of road trips.

Back of the wagon with Lee taking a break
Lee with dog taking a break

Living his philosophy, Lee doesn't just visit the towns that he mentions on his website, he lives there. Taking the time to connect with the locals, learning about life in the community, and leaving with a memory that's unique to each town. There is no way to pick out a favorite place. He's living his life to the fullest and not only sharing his experiences with his special furry companions but with everyone he meets along the way.

As Lee travels across the U.S. he is supported by the generosity of the folks he meets along his journey. "Freedom", Lee describes, "is the option of making the choice to be responsible for the things that are truly important." When he meets folks along the way who have lost loved ones, it is a gentle reminder to take time to live out your dreams and experience the things in life that really matter.

As the RV vacation minutes, hours, days, weeks and months rush by perhaps keep Lee the Horselogger in mind. On your next camping road trip take the time to think clipity-clop. Connect with those around you, your family, and even strangers at the table next to yours. We're in this life together and maybe a journey back to the basics is all we need to remember that.

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