Review and Comment Guidelines

Review and Comment Guidelines

At we love camping and RVing as much as you do, and we believe that the most valuable and trusted reviews comes from enthusiastic campers and RVers who have "been there, done that". In other!

We want you to benefit from helpful information, enjoy interacting with each other and grow our community. So help us spread the word by reviewing campgrounds and RV parks.

Great places deserve to be talked about. When writing a review, please ensure you include:

  • Your first hand experience of a campground or RV park. Tell your fellow campers and RVers about the facilities and services on offer, customer service, what the other people staying there were like and the things that stood out for you.
  • We recommend your reviews be between 200 and 500 characters long, which is about 25 to 60 words, roughly 3 to 6 sentences. We do not award Pulitzer Prizes for reviews, that's why we do have a limit of 1,500 characters!
  • The most helpful reviews include not only what your liked (or disliked) about a campground or RV park, but also why. Remember, this is a chance to help fellow campers and RVers.

To keep the site fresh and fun for everyone, here are few things you should not include:

  • Inaccurate or malicious comments.
  • Profanity or inappropriate words – remember, this is a G-rated website.
  • Distasteful or obscene content or photos.
  • Accusatory content.
  • Single-word reviews or comments. We really want to know what you liked, and why.
  • Text entirely in ALL CAPS
  • Personal information such as your full name, your home address, phone number, e-mail address, URLs etc. We want to keep you safe and spam free.
  • Advertisements or promotional materials
  • Solicitations (or even blackmail) for helpful votes, reviews and comments

Do not misrepresent yourself. Please do not claim to be a site administrator or moderator, or pretend to be another member.

Campground owners and operators are not permitted to write reviews about their own campground. Anyone responsible for marketing a campground is not allowed to write a review about any campgrounds they market. Anyone found to be doing so may have their campground listing removed from the website. Premium member campground owners and operators can post review comments that are visible to everyone, to share their point of view.

We will notify you via email and/or remove your reviews and comments and account from our site if you are in violation of these guidelines, or's Privacy Statement or Terms of Use.

On the whole, we find that campers and RVers are good people. Good people will therefore use common sense and common decency when posting reviews and comments. May your good deeds be rewarded. Be truthful. Help others. Karma will take care of the rest.

Last Updated 05/21/2013

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