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Fourth of July Safety Tips

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Fireworks over the Statue of Liberty

Everybody is hoping to have the best Fourth of July ever this year. Yet many people end up in the emergency room with injuries resulting from firework burns, extreme sunburn, water activities, and countless other mishaps. Keep your family, your friends, your pets and yourself out of the hospital by remembering these useful safety tips.

Know the Local Rules and Regulations

If you're planning a camping trip to a national, state, or local park, be sure to read up on all park and campground regulations. These are usually clearly posted and present when you check in to your campsite or RV site.

Supervise Children around Fireworks

Many parks prohibit fireworks entirely, and penalties can be severe if you are caught putting on your own celebratory display. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous - never allow unsupervised children to play with fireworks and always keep plenty of water nearby to douse empty shells or fires.

Nominate a Fire Marshal

Remember that consuming alcohol will inhibit your decision-making abilities. If you're planning on being especially "patriotic" in your celebration, allow a sober companion to play fire marshal for your fireworks display. He or she will be better prepared to act in case of emergency allowing you to enjoy the festivities around your campfire.

Make Sure the Captain's Sober!

If you are planning on boating over the weekend make sure you know all the local regulations concerning right of way, navigation, and towing/safety practices. Perhaps it's too late to take a boater safety course before the holiday weekend, but you can find the literature at any marina, boat show, and wherever fishing licenses are sold. Ensure that you have enough personal flotation devices (PFDs) for every person onboard. Also, the captain of the ship should stay sober for everybody's safety. Pack water, juice, or soda as beverage alternatives.

Make Sure You Have a First-Aid Kit

Check out our Camping First Aid Kit Essentials to make sure you have everything you need. If you're prepared for the worst, you'll be more likely to have the best weekend possible.

Have Fun!

Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend! We hope to hear all about your fun times when you get back. Please submit campground and RV park reviews on our site and tell other members what you think of where you stayed.

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