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How to Level and Stabilize Your RV at the Campsite

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RV at campsite on leveling blocks
Installing a level on your RV will help you greatly in getting level and stabilizing your RV at the campsite.

It is important to get your RV leveled and stabilized when you settle at your campsite. When your RV is level and stable, it is easier for you to move around, you sleep better and you will make sure that your gas refrigerator works properly.

Some campgrounds and RV parks have level sites. However, you will come across many where the campsite is not so level. In that case, you will have to level your RV yourself.

To level your RV at your campsite you’re going to need a number of items, so make sure you have these before you leave:

  1. Check that you have at least two RV levels in your motorhome or trailer, one going across left to right and one going along back to front as you going to need to be level in both directions. Most are stick on and you can get them from any RV outlet store or order them online. In the motorhome they should go on the RV's dashboard or anywhere near the driver's seat where you can easily see it while maneuvering your rig on the campsite. The other RV level should be placed on the side of the RV where you can easily see it to check for the level from the outside. In a trailer place one outside on the front of the trailer left to right and another one outside on the driver side of the vehicle along the side, going back to front.
  2. Make sure have at least one leveling block with you before you leave. You can easily buy leveling blocks from an RV outlet store or online. Alternatively, if you have a workshop and you're handy with carpentry tools, you can make your own leveling blocks. Just make sure that the wood you use for your blocks is pressure treated.Give your blocks a tapered cut at the edges so they will form a ramp when you stack them up. More importantly, make sure that your blocks are wider than the width of your tire. Doing so ensures that your wheels will have enough support while parked. If you use narrow blocks, you will end up damaging your RV's tires, if not your RV's frame itself.
  3. Make you have at one wheel chock. These are especially important on a trailer to ensure the wheel does not move once you unhook it. If you backed up onto a leveling block you would put it in front of the wheel. If you drove forward onto a leveling block you would the chock behind the wheel. Again you can easily buy them at an RV outlet store or online.
  4. If your rig does not have them, install permanently mounted stabilizing jacks under your RV. You can get hand-cranked jacks, or you can buy the electric-powered ones. There is a common misconception that these are meant to be used to level your RV. They are in fact designed to stabilize your RV and stop it from rocking back and forth as you walk around. Again you can easily buy them at an RV outlet store or online.

Here are the steps you need to take to level and stabilize your rig at the campsite:

  1. Once you get to your campsite, find the most level spot on it. This is where you should park your RV.
  2. Position your RV a foot or two from where you want to park it.
  3. Place your leveling blocks against your RV's tires, at the back if you're backing in and at the front if you're pulling through. Make sure that the blocks form a ramp for your tires and that these blocks support your wheels entirely, side to side and front to back.
  4. Drive onto the blocks. Look at the level near the driver's seat to see whether you're getting level. Have someone watch the level on the side of the RV outside while you're positioning the RV.
  5. Remove or add leveling blocks as you find necessary until you get level.
  6. Once you get level, crank or power up your stabilizing jacks. With that, you're done.

Getting level and stabilizing your RV at the site is very important. But it doesn't have to be complicated. With some preparation and a little patience, you can level your RV and enjoy your camping holiday.

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