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How to Make a Camping Scrapbook

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Child painting over a leaf making their camping scrapbook
Make mementos of your camping trip
Photo courtesy of Jadi from Homemaking Fun Blog

"Are we there yet?" "This is *boring*!" "What are we doing next?" ...sound whiningly familiar? Keeping your kids entertained on family camping trips can be challenging, given most children have a short attention span. Here is something you can do to keep your kids attuned to the outdoors and ensures they are an integral part of camping activities: make a camping scrapbook.

Making a camping scrapbook is a fun activity that boosts your children's creativity and strengthens the family bonds. No idea on how to make a camping scrapbook? Here are some tips:

  1. Before you go on your camping trip, explain the project to your kids. Tell them to pay attention to their surroundings: the colors of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, animals you'll encounter along the way, basically everything. The idea is to be able to create as many mementos of their experience and put them down on the scrapbook so that they have something to look back on when they return home.
  2. Scout bookstores and crafts stores for scrapbooking materials like fun scrapbooks, glue, ribbon, scissors, pencils, crayons, markers, art paper and stickers.
  3. Allot sections in the scrapbook and label them according to activity. Here are some ideas: "Insects I Saw in the Woods", "Leaves I Found", "My Survival Kit", "My Favorite Camping Songs" be as creative as you can.
  4. If it's within your budget, get your children their own cameras and encourage them to take photos of everything that catches their interest. Teach them to use the camera, but give them the freedom to take photos of whatever they like - this is what's going to make their scrapbook unique and interesting.

    CampingRoadTrip.com tip: Disposable cameras can be purchased for around $7 - 10, but don't forget to factor in the processing costs! It may work out better to arm your kids with a cheap digital camera that can be reused for future trips. This allows the wee ones to snap to their heart's delight and you get to preview the budding photographer's shots before printing them. Here's a selection of disposable digital cameras:
    Here's a selection of kids digital cameras:
  5. Take photos of your children doing different activities: pitching a tent, making a campfire, cooking hot dogs and smooshing s'mores, and even take photos of them taking photos!
  6. Every night after dinner, encourage them to write about the highlights of their day. Give your kids pencils, crayons, markers and art paper so they can make artworks to accompany their journal entries.
  7. Plan different activities for each day so they would have a lot to do and write about such as bird watching, star gazing, cloud watching, and checking out trees.

Scrapbooking can help turn your brood from "are the there yet?!" into eagle eyed scrapbook scouts... "look over there! How cool!" Best of all, when the camping trip is over, your kids will be left with fun memories and a beautiful scrapbook as a lasting memento.

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